Scourge Beast

Enemy Type Beast
Health 364 ~ 1844

Blood Vial, Bloodstone Shard, Twin Blood Stone Shard, Blood Stone Chunk, Beast Blood Pellet, Blue Elixir,
366 ~ 3881 Blood Echoes

Weak Fire & Serrated
Strong Poison
Locations Central Yarnham, Old Yharnam, Upper Cathedral Ward, Yahar'Gul, Unseen Village


Scourge Beast Information

Scourge Beasts are enemies in Bloodborne. Taken and transformed by the plague at a very early stage, these beasts are extremely fast and powerful, capable of closing in on Hunters in the blink of an eye. They can easily take Hunters by surprise with their erratic and unpredictable movements. Extreme care is required when dealing with them, especially when encountered in pairs.



  • Iosefka's Clinic: for the first Scourge Beast encounter.
  • 1. Make sure to lock onto him so that you do your swipe dodge instead of roll. Also spend some time getting used to the controls before you go into the encounter.
  • 2. The key here is to stay away from either the front or immediate back of him. I like to stay towards the back on his hindquarters.
  • 3. Keep punching him but always leave just enough stamina to perform a dodge when he does his attacks. You can study this video to see his wind up for each move.


  • Central Yharnam: By luring the wolf beast to the stairs nearby, Hunters can hide in the building connected to the stairs. The wolf beast will stay on the stairs, allowing the Hunter to attack from the safety of the building. Both wolf beasts in this area may be killed using this method. This same method can be used on the three wolf beasts in the Upper Cathedral Ward by luring
    • Alternatively, Hunters can leverage Father Gascoigne, who is hanging out down the passage in the opposite direction of the wolf beast. Once you walk over to him, he will aid you temporarily and start fighting the wolf beasts.
    • This same method can be used on the three wolf beasts that destroy the chandeliers in the large two story room in the Upper Cathedral Ward. By luring them to one of the two doors on the upper floor, one can quite easily take them out with a long weapon. if the beasts do not stand in front of the doorway (mostly when you attract more than one) you may use the Threaded Cane in whip form to attack through the walls. Once the two brainsuckers on the balcony are dealt with, one can safely use the same strategy against the wolf beast wandering the upper hallways.
  • The beasts have lunging attacks that can also lead to a grab. Sidestepping is an easy way to avoid it
  • They can be parried, backstabbed and viscerals work on them.



Iosefka's Clinic-klinika losefki 182 133 -- -- -- -- --
Central Yharnam 364 366 (x3) 92~% -- -- -- --
Old Yharnam-stare Yharnam HP Echoes -- (x1) 5~28% (x1-2) 95% -- --
Upper Cathedral Ward HP Echoes -- (x1) 5~28% (x1-2) Drop% (x2) 55~91% (x1) 4%
Yahar'gul 1844 3881 -- (x1) 5~28% (x1-2) Drop% (x2) 55~91% (x1) 4%


Video Strategy for First Beast at Clinic

- Artorias80 Artorias80-



Scourge Beast Frontal 1.png


Scourge Beast Charge Crop 1.png

Scourge Beast Frontal 2.png

Wolf Beast Luster.png


Wolf Beast Blue Eyes.png


Notes & Trivia

  • There are four variants of Scourge Beasts:
  • Default (Iosefka's Clinic, Central Yharnam, Old Yharnam, Chalice Dungeon)
  • Red eyed (Old Yharnam, Chalice Dungeon)
    • The red eyes are a sort of buff, they can recast it on their own and regain health each time. Their attacks can also poison the player.
  • Undead (Yahar'gul, Unseen Village)
  • Blue Eyed (Upper Cathedral Ward)


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