Coldblood Dew is a consumable Item in Bloodborne that grants you Blood Echoes. There are several types that grant more echoes per use.

coldblood_dew.jpg "Droplet of coldblood containing Blood Echoes.

Use to gain Blood Echoes.

Hunters sustained by the dream gain strength from Blood Echoes. They imbibe the blood with thoughts of reverence, indeed gratitude, for their victims."

Coldblood Dew Usage

Coldblood Dew (1)
Consume to gain 350 Blood Echoes
Coldblood Dew (2)
Consume to gain 500 Blood Echoes
Coldblood Dew (3)
Consume to gain 1000 Blood Echoes


  • One (2) found in a room in the Central Yharnam sewers behind the giant pig.
  • One (2) found in the Cathedral Ward before the church entrance with 4 hunter mobs patroling.


  • For different kinds of Coldbloods, see the Coldblood page.
  • Player note 1


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