Ailing Loran is a Chalice Dungeon location in Bloodborne. To create it, you must obtain the Ailing Loran Chalice, dropped by Amygdala. You can coop with Fextralife Wiki users by creating a chalice with thys Glyph:7ne3m6fm
Ailing Loran Chalice.pngA Chalice that breaks a labyrinth seal.
Loran is a tragic land that was devoured by the sands.
The tragedy that struck this ailing land of Loran is said to have its roots in the scourge of the beast. Some have made the dreaded extrapolation that Yharnam may be next.

Ailing Loran Chalice Information

  • Depth: 4
  • Area: Loran
  • Materials used:
    • x9 Ritual Blood (4).
    • x4 Coldblod Flower

NPCs in the area
  • None


  • Beast-Possessed Soul
  • Blood-Starved Beast
  • Abhorrent Beast - After defeating this boss you get the "Lower Loran Chalice"


Note: These items "CAN" be found at random in this dungeon.
  • Ritual Blood (4).
  • Ritual Blood (5).
  • Coldblood Flower Bulb.
  • Blooming Coldblood Flower.
  • Punget Blood Cocktail.
  • Bolt Paper.
  • Tomb Mold (4).
  • Dirty Damp Blood Gem (5).
  • Fire Damp Blood Gem (4).
  • Bastard of Loran.
  • Madman's Knowledge.
  • Beast Claw


  • ??
  • ??
  • Layer 3
    • Bell Maidens.
      • Summon Spiders.
    • Two legged beasts.
    • Hooded two legged beasts.
    • Fire mages.
    • Lesser Stalkers.
    • Enhanced werewolfs.
    • Discharge werewolfs.


Chamber of the Seal
Layer One
Layer One: Heart
Layer Two
Layer Two: Heart
Layer Three

Video Walkthrough

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    • Can't join wiki glyph05 Jul 2016 08:42  

      I can't seem to join the wiki glyph above. Is there something wrong with the 7ne3m6fm? I have all the materials and the ailing loran chalice.

      • Blood-starved beast 2nd layer05 Jul 2016 08:42  

        Looking for co-op against the blood-starved beast. PSN is sixth_blade. I'm in the wiki glyph. <br/>Any help greatly appreciated and will return the favor!

        • Enemy Hunter on the Second Layer05 Jul 2016 08:42  

          I had to fight an enemy hunter with a beast claw on the second layer, in the area were you get the beast claw. I haven't found any mention of it anywhere. Was wondering if anyone else saw this.

          • Bastards of Loran05 Jul 2016 08:42  

            Are there bastards of Loran in the fextra glyph? Aside from the ones that might drop from enemies. I remembered hearing something about there being some in a chest on layer 3

            • Spiders... why did it have to be spiders?05 Jul 2016 08:42  

              I don't know if I am the only one having this issue, but in layer 2 in the side area before the blood starved beast, i get to a point where I can't reach the Bell Maiden because there are two wolves and ten spiders(that they are constantly summoning! every time I kill a few, three more show up! are there three Bell Maidens in there or something? and i can't find a video of anyone who actually went in there...

              • Abhorrent Beast05 Jul 2016 08:42  

                I am having some serious trouble with this guy. Closest I got he has almost 1/8 health left and I screwed up my dodge. Since then I keep getting caught up in the insane tracking and reach of the triple same. Same thing gets me EVERY time. <br/>PSN: tlee494. Chalice glyph: yh86t7kz <br/>Any advice or help would be immensely appreciated.

                • Cans someone please help?05 Jul 2016 08:42  

                  I managed to best Amygdala on my second try, but I did not receive the Chalice for this dungeon. Instead, I received the Lower Loran Chalice. Am I missing something here?

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