Waning Blood Gems

Name & Icon Location/ Drop By

Tempering_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngTempering Blood Gemstone

Effect: Physical ATK UP
Werewolves, Loran Silverbeast, Eye Collector, Big Cloaked Beast

Tempering_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngAdept Blood Gemstone

Effect: Thrust ATK UP +%
Effect: Blunt ATK UP +%

Bloodtinge Gemstone

Effect: Blood ATK UP +%

Effect: Blood ATK UP +flat

cowering Ritual Master
Arcane Gemstone Eye Collector

Fire_Blood_Gemstone_(5)_waning_small.pngFire Blood Gemstone

Effect: Fire ATK UP +%
Werewolves, Loran Silverbeast, Pthumerian Undead, Beast Patient, Cloaked Beast, Loran Cleric, Eye Collector, Beast-possessed Soul, Labyrinth Madmen

Bolt_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngBolt Blood Gemstone

Effect: Bolt ATK UP +%
Loran Silverbeast, Loran Darkbeast

Nourishing_Abyssal_Blood_Gem_waning_small.pngNourishing Blood Gemstone

Effect: ATK UP +%

Beasthunters_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngOdd Bloodtinge Blood Gemstone

Effect: Adds blood ATK +flat
Coffins in Chalice Dungeons

Fire_Blood_Gemstone_(5)_waning_small.pngOdd Fire Blood Gemstone

Effect: Adds fire ATK +flat
Coffins in Chalice Dungeons

Bolt_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngOdd Bolt Blood Gemstone

Effect: Adds Bolt ATK +flat
Coffins in Chalice Dungeons

Tempering_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngHeavy Blood Gemstone

Effect: Increase STR scaling

Tempering_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngSharp Blood Gemstone

Effect: Increase SKL scaling

cold_abyssal_blood_gem_waning_small.pngCold Blood Gemstone

Effect: Increase arcane scaling
Pthumerian Descendant, Pthumerian Elder

Murky_Damp_Blood_Gemstone_(5)_waning_small.pngMurky Blood Gemstone

Effect: Add slow poison effect
Werewolves, Silverbeast, Beast-possessed Soul, Eye Collector, Beast Claw Hunter

Murky_Damp_Blood_Gemstone_(5)_waning_small.png Dirty Blood Gemstone

Effect: Add rapid poison effect
Werewolves, Cloaked Beast

Beasthunters_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngBeasthunter's Blood Gemstone

Effect: ATK vs. beasts UP
Werewolves, Eye Collector

kinhunter's_damp_bloodgem_Waning_small.pngKinhunter's Blood Gemstone

Effect: ATK vs the kin UP
Loran Silverbeast, Werewolves

Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngRadiant Blood Gemstone

Effect: Decreases Stamina Cost%
Maneater Boar

Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngPulsing Blood Gemstone

Effect: HP continues to recover
Werewolves, Loran Silverbeast, Beast Claw Hunter, Beast Patient

Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngFool's Blood Gemstone

Effect: Phys. ATK UP +% at full HP

Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_waning_small.pngPoorman's Blood Gemstone

Effect: Phys. ATK UP +% near death
Nourishing Abyssal Blood Gem
All damage up 21.5%, secondary effect, cursed
Amygdala in FRC Lower Loran

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Waning Cold Abyssal Cursed.png Waning Nourishing Abyssal Cursed.png

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    • Anonymous

      I randomly got an Arcane OoS Waning gem from a Brainsucker in a FRC Isz Gravestone. It has 9,1% Arcane DMG up as a main attribute, 65 Flat Arcane DMG as a secondary and Higher Stamina consumption 3%. I was looking for a good farming spot in order to get one of these and then RNG just said "here you Go buddy". I'm so happy right now.

      • Anonymous

        One thing about Bloodborne that I love is that it allows you to craft elemental weapons WITHOUT split damage, something impossible in Dark Souls except with rare special weapons. A fully fire-imbued Saw Spear demolishes beasts, combining two of their weaknesses into one weapon, fire and serration. A fully bolt-imbued LHB mops the floor with kin enemies like Brainsuckers and Ebrietas. This crafting system is SO much better...

        • Anonymous

          I just got a Cursed Heavy Abyssal (waning) effects are the same as the radial ones I think.
          Effect: Primary: STR scaling+65 Secondary: Phys. UP at full HP+5.3% Curse: WPN Durability DOWN-63.

          Not the best one out there but it was a drop from the Headless Bloodletting Beast (out of shape?) (Layer 3 boss)
          glyph: 5ia5hdn6 props to kazin1979 owner of the chalice.

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