Old Hunter Henriett

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? ??? ?? ??
Physical Defense vs blunt vs thrust --
?? ?? ?? --
icon-wp_firedef.png Magic Defense icon-wp_lightningdef.png icon-wp_darkdef.png
?? ?? ?? ??
Bleed Resistance Poison Resistance Frost Resistance Curse Resistance
?? ?? ?? ??

Old Hunter Henriett is a NPC in Bloodborne


  • Cannot be killed
  • Can be summoned for the fights with Vicar Amelia and Ludwig the Accursed/The Holy Blade.


  • You can find Henriett's summon for Vicar Amelia near the ladder that leads to the numbing mist in Cathedral Ward, just up the stairs outside the front door of Oedon Chapel. She can also be summoned for Ludwig, to the left just down the stairs beside the Nightmare Church lamp.


Combat Information

  • Weak to ?? Damage.
  • Strong against ?? , ?? and ?? damage.
  • Weak Spot: ??
  • Use ?? Item



  • Uses the kirkhammer and the repeating pistol, and wears the caped hunter set and the top hat.
  • Interestingly, she is the only female Old Hunter who can be summoned.



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    • Anonymous

      I could never bring myself to summon her. Seeing some frail chick wielding Yharnams Mjolnir is ridiculous

      • Anonymous

        She was explendid in the Vicar’s fight. Managed to stagger the boss 2 or 3 times for me to do the visceral attack. Defeated Amelia first try.

        • Anonymous

          Does the "cannot be killed" refer to the fact that the player is unable to kill her since you can only summon her as an old hunter and cannot meet the real "her" in the game?

          • Anonymous

            She cannot be summoned until you talk to the residents in the lower street, where you offer sanctuary to Arianna and Skeptical Man. After doing that, the summon point appears right next to the ladder.

            • Anonymous

              Henriett is the dumbest piece of shit to ever exist, she doesn’t fucking heal when she needs to and the first time I summoned her died to the church giant in one hit

              • Anonymous

                I managed to get her killed
                by exploring to the right of the Vicar Amelia door; she got stuck on a rock while I murdered some birds on a roof, so I descended the nearby stairs and lured some hooded dude with an electric weapon up them. He knocked her off the rock, their fight took them off the roof, and she got cornered by him and another goon. When I ran down there, I got a message saying “Old Hunter Henriett has been killed” and the two guys started going for me. I ran like hell, and going back into the Hunter’s Dream in the Cathedral Ward reset her summon.

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