Skeptical Man

General Info
Location Drops
Cathedral Ward 118 Blood Echoes
3x Pungent Blood Cocktail

Narrow Minded Man or Skeptical Man is an NPC in Bloodborne.

" A skeptical man situated in the building directly across from Arianna's home, is incredibly distrustful of hunters."

Narrow Minded Man Information

  • After Arianna has asked for somewhere safe to go and is sent to the location provided the Skeptical Man will ask the Hunter what their deal is and what location they should go to. The Skeptical Man will go to the location OPPOSITE of what he is told. For example if the Hunter tells him to go to the Oedon Chapel  he will go to Iosefka's Clinic.
  • If you wish for him to survive safely with the other NPC's tell him to go to Iosefka's Clinic and he will arrive at the Oedon Chapel instead.
  • Once in Oedon Chapel, he frequently dispenses bits of advice that are all hints. However, the truth is usually the exact opposite of what he says, with the exception of the advice he dispenses about the Suspicious Beggar
  • Drops 118 Blood Echoes and 3x Pungent Blood Cocktail if killed.
  • Drops 3x Pungent Blood Cocktail when changed into a Passive Celestial Emissary in Iosefka Clinic


Narrow Minded Man Location


  • "Ah you, the swindlin' offcomer. Did you really think that'd work? There's no fooling me. Now, off with ya, you heard me? Go away! I can't stand the stench of your lyin' breath."
  • "I'll spare you one nugget of advice. Beware the lady of the night. I can see it in her eyes. She deeply resents the young saint. She hears people whisper. She knows what people think of her. Yes, she despises the saint for having what she doesn't. Bloody wench, they shoulda moved her on ages ago." (Refers to Arianna and Adella the Nun, In reality, it is Adella who is jealous of Arianna, and will kill her if you accept a *****'s blood in front of her enough times.)
  • "I'll spare you one nugget of advice. Beware the blind man. They're the biggest seeds at the bottom of the bloody food chain. And he's here acting like he owns the place! He's not to be trusted. What's he want with all those people anyway? That little weasel has a murky past, I'm tellin' ya!" (In his final act of revenge for his distrust of you, here he abandons his common theme and gives you actually true advice. Heeding the opposite has grave results, however, and ultimately the Skeptical Man gives his own life in service of his hatred of hunters if you allow the Suspicious Beggar to live long enough.)
  • "Let me give you a nugget of advice. 



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Other Notes:

  1. Is incredibly distrustful of hunters and when asking where to go for safety will go to the opposite location of what he is told.
  2. Believes the Hunter is tricking the local civilians of Yharnam.
  3. His attire can be found on the streets below the Healing Church workshop tower. He also wears Gehrman's Hunter Trousers.
  4. Will periodically provide the Hunter with tidbits of advice. In each case, the exact opposite of his advice is true.
  5. His voice actor is Lee Whitlock.



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