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Flamesprayer is a Firearm in Bloodborne; it's one of two arcane-based "sprayer" firearms.


Flamesprayer Description

"A special weapon used by certain members of the Healing Church.
Spits searing flames by using blood-imbued Quicksilver Bullets as a special medium.
Not the most efficient weapon by any stretch, but sometimes a sea of flame is just what the doctor ordered.
Besides, the beasts of Yharnam can always use a good cleansing."


Flamesprayer Information

  • This hunter firearm is primarily for arcane builds due to its high scaling.
  • You can hold L2 down to continuously fire; it consumes one Quicksilver Bullet every 1.4 seconds.
  • The Flamesprayer can be upgraded, but it cannot be fortified with blood gems.



  • Gilbert will grant you this firearm as a gift after you defeat Father Gascoigne (you actually have to trigger the cathedral ward intro cut scene first) and zone in some way (use a lamp to teleport, exit your game, die, etc.). If you have already defeated Vicar Amelia before you attempt to receive it, he will no longer offer it, forcing you to buy it from the Messenger shop instead.
  • It becomes available for purchase for 8000 Blood Echoes from the Bath Messenger after obtaining the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.


Player Notes

  • The Flamesprayer operates as a powerful anti-mob firearm for arcane users.
    • This hunter arcane firearm can be found very early. As such, it's considered a lifesaver for "pure arcane" builds that tend to struggle in the early stages of the game.
    • It cannot stagger opponents, but the damage output is potentially enough to offset this problem.
    • It's also very useful in tight corridors/rooms since it becomes more difficult for opponents to dodge the flames.
    • Stamina is not consumed while this firearm is being used. This can be useful for damaging opponents after you have expended all of your current stamina.
    • Keep in mind there is a small delay between the timing of the Flamesprayer's activation and when it actually starts shooting flames. Plan accordingly when dealing with a quick opponent.
    • You can walk freely while using this firearm. However, beware that you also move slower while it's being fired.
  • This hunter firearm is very useful against opponents vulnerable to fire damage.
  • Bone Marrow Ash can be used to boost this firearm's damage output. As long as you hold down L2, it applies the same BMA activated to every tick of damage.
  • You can also use an Oil Urn to boost this firearm's damage output.
    • In PVP, if you manage to douse an opponent with oil, they might become cautious when approaching you if they know you have access to a Flamesprayer (or some sort of fire-type weapon).
    • This gives you a major tactical advantage, giving you breathing room and/or pinning down opponents.
    • Beware that opponents may use long range weapons to safely attack you while they are still coated with oil.
  • A weapon that operates in a similar manner to the Flamesprayer (but instead utilizes arcane damage) is the Rosmarinus.





-- -- -- 45 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- D 1


-- -- -- 50 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- D 1


-- -- -- 55 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- D 1


-- -- -- 60 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- D 1


-- -- -- 65 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- D 1


-- -- -- 70 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- D 1


-- -- -- 75 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- D 1


-- -- -- 80 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- C 1


-- -- -- 85 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- C 1


-- -- -- 90 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- B 1


-- -- -- 95 -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- B 1



Movesets & Videos




  • The Flamesprayer is similar to a real life weapon called a flamethrower.
    • The design of the Flamesprayer seems like a modified portable version. It does have two tanks that seem to hold flammable liquids and pressurized gas necessary to operate it.
    • For exactly what purpose Quicksilver Bullets are used for this firearm isn't exactly clear, other than it serves as a special medium of some sort.
    • Considering that regular fire is already lethal to beasts, it's possible that the Church used Quicksilver Bullets for a religious purpose (in this case, "cleansing").
  • Used by Church Doctor, Wheelchair Mob and Yahar'Gul Hunter.
  • Since this item is given as a gift from Gilbert, who later turns into an Old Yharnam Beast, it can be assumed that the Flamesprayer was widely used as a means to burn Old Yharnam down into ashes when the beast infestation took place.



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    • Anonymous

      16 Apr 2021 18:44  

      Anyone know how many ticks of this an oil urn boosts damage of? Is it just the first tick or for as long as it's held down?

      • Anonymous

        20 Sep 2020 13:09  

        This things roasts most of the early game beast bosses. Amelia, BSB, Paarl, and the Witches just melt to this thing when you apply some Bone Marrow.

        You want to breeze past the early game like it’s nothing? Equip the flame kettle.

        • Anonymous

          13 Dec 2018 02:41  

          look closely the flamesprayer is just the model of Rosmarinus with a igniter at the end. could it just be burning magical dusts instead of oil and stuff

          • Anonymous

            13 Mar 2018 00:06  

            If I'm allowed to give my two cents, spamming l2 on this weapon will use more bullets but insures more guaranteed hits, also that there seems to be a sweet spot of about 5 feet that nets a significant damage increase

            • Anonymous

              24 Jun 2017 05:22  

              Guys! One of the brick trolls under the great bridge in central Yarn dropped it for me believe it or not! I myself couldn't believe my eyes. I tried to look for any confirmation of my find but i dont see any, seems like an isolated incident.

              • Anonymous

                05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                Damage seems to ramp up per tick the longer you hold a target in the flame. Multiplier seems to linger/gradually diminish, so if you hold someone in the flame for a few seconds, stop to dodge, then immediately start lighting them up again, you will have a higher starting multiplier. Not sure if this is how it works, but the numbers I was getting when I burned some folks were going up by larger margins the longer I held down the trigger.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                  I've killed at least three of the first bosses and reached further then the cathedral ward area and he still refuses to give it to me, he just coughs with blank text whenever i try to talk to him.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                    but it sucks against big enemies, almost no poise crush and damage that consumes bullets at a rapid rate, hell even an upgraded torch can be damage with high arcane

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                      The only reason why a flamethrower uses bullet is because bullet is treated as ammo. As there are no gas tank etc in the game, so as a game mechanic, bullets are used instead. No other reason for this.

                      • 05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                        Nothing special this time around, just some basic cleaning.

                        However I did find a useful guide regarding arcane builds. The link is on the part mentioning "pure arcane" builds, and since the flamesprayer is one of the first arcane weapons you come across, I figure it'll be useful for people looking to try their hands at an arcane build.

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