Old Hunter Madman Waller is a non-player character in Bloodborne. placeholder.png



This character can be found at [link to location], and any notes on any other encounters Found in Isz Chalice and Lower Pthumeru Chalice layer 3. His location in Lower Pthumerian is on the right hand side of the square plaza. The summon sign glows an indigo hue. Wearing the Madman Set with Ludwig's Rifle and the new Old Hunters DLC weapon Amygdala Arm.
    • Can this NPC be an ally?: Yes, in Great Isz and Lower Pthumeru.
      • Drops: No drops


No dialogue at the moment.


Any lore notes go here.

Other Notes:

  1. (possible bug?) Needs Testing: Waller fell off of a ledge during combat. Took little to no damage but stopped being aggro'd by enemies. I entered a Boss room and Waller did not follow me inside, forced to dismiss him and use a Hunter's Mark to escape
  2. Example event that makes NPC unavailable
  3. Example event that makes NPC hostile

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    • Anonymous

      24 May 2021 20:24  

      I love this guy but this stupid idiot needs to follow me to Rom and stop running off the damn bridge to fight some stupid arcane haze dropping centihumpers.

      • 20 May 2018 17:26  

        Hes definitely one of the best NPC's. I mostly just enjoy him because he constantly heals, and also is awesome for clearing dungeons. In lower Pthumeru, he helps kill the giant Centipedes, and the enemies under the area with the Chime Maiden. Just don't take him into a specific room in the pre bossroom side area. He gets rekt. I call it the "Room of Death". (2 black widows, 2 hounds on steroids, a naked pthumerian, a keeper of the old Lord's, and a snatcher.)

        • Anonymous

          12 Jul 2017 04:12  

          I also encountered a bug where he fell of a ledge, then kept rolling side to side until i swung at him and he ceased.

          • Anonymous

            08 Jul 2017 04:31  

            This guy made my world super glitchy, gave me insane stamina recovery speed and destroyed every enemy in range. 10/10, would summon again.

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