Fetid Offering (or Foetid in the UK) in Bloodborne, is an additional rite you can add to Chalice Rituals.
This offering makes it where enemies do more damage, however only enemies with a red cloud around them have this buff

"Invigorates the Watchers, making them more treacherous than normal, but also making them worthy prey for a special hunt."

Fetid Offering Materials



Fetid Offering Information

The following Chalices can have Fetid Offering added to them:

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    • So what's the actual purpose of adding this optional material?
      Does it increase the difficulty of the bosses and/or semi-bosses or the global difficulty of the dungeon.
      What's the actual benefit? Better drop and/or better loot?

      • Anonymous

        I plan on taking my GF into a root chalice dungeon in order to kill her so I can marry that nice baker girl in south Yharnam. Which one should I do to make sure they never find the Echo remains? Thanks!

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