Distrustful Man is a non-player character in Bloodborne.
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Cathedral Ward, the alcove on the left.



This character can be found at the window next to Arianna, and later at the Cathedral Ward if sent there.
NOTE: He will go to the opposite place of the one you tell him, Iosefka's Clinic for Oedon Chapel and Oedon Chapel for Iosefka's Clinic.
Will initally says he wants nothing to do with you, but after talking to Arianna and sending her to safety, will say he overhead and that he doesn't believe your lies. Will ask you to try one on him, and you can tell him about known safe areas. Will say he does not believe you, and will go to the opposite location of the last one you told him of, saying he doesn't believe you.
    • Can this NPC be an ally?: Y/N + Boss/Area
    • Can this NPC be an enemy?: Y/N + Boss/Area
      • Drops: If killed, will give xxx blood and ??? items


After sent to Catheral Ward:
Warns you about Arianna, says she distrusts the nun.
Warns you about the S uspicious Beggar, wonders what he wants with all these people. Of note, he says this even if the beggar has not yet been talked too.


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Other Notes:

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  3. Example event that makes NPC hostile

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