Choir Bell

Requirements & Scaling
Bullet Use
S 15 7

Choir Bell is a Hunter Tool.


Choir Bell Description

"Special hunter tool of the Choir, high-ranking members of the church. Fashioned after a bell that projects an arcane sound across planes of existence
The sound of this smaller, silver version of the bell does not cross planes, but grants vigor and healing to all cooperators."


Choir Bell Usage



  • Mergo's Loft. After defeating Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, use the Iron Door Key to gain access underneath the bridge connecting the two Cathedral Cradles. Cross the bridge and the bell is in a room with a chest, a few spiders and a Winter Lantern. Beware that this path puts you in danger of being frenzied to death by the Brain of Mensis.
  • If you want to avoid the Brain of Mensis, you can ride the elevator that goes between the entrance and exit to Micolash's boss area. This elevator can be identified by its door, which is stuck open and doesn't close. There is an open window halfway up the elevator's path that you can jump into. This leads to a bridge with 3 Winter Lanterns. At the other end is a hole you can drop into to reach the room that contains the Choir Bell.



  • Heals 440 health at base requirements (15 Arcane).
  • Heals 733 health at 40 Arcane.
  • Was lowered from 10 QS Bullets to 8 in Patch v1.03.
  • Was lowered from 8 QS Bullets to 7 in Patch v1.04.
  • Still usable while the player is affected by numbing mist.



  • This bell's fashionable design and silver colored appearance, as well as being crafted by the healing church, mimics the real life usage of silver by various religions, Christianity in particular. Silver was considered precious and used often as a symbol of reverence given to God. In this sense, the healing church, upon discovering a bell that could heal others as well as the user, decided to craft smaller variations out of precious metal and used intricate designs for its appearance.
  • A theory about the original bell this item was based on was that it may have been used to contact a Great One by the Choir. If this is the case, it would make sense why the smaller variations were designed with beauty in mind since one would want to show reverence to such a great and powerful being.
  • Using the bell onto the injured Eileen outside Cathedral Ward kills her instead of healing her. It is speculated that this is to help keep the game's story intact (in other words, you cannot help Eileen out other than killing her mark for her). However, another theory holds that the bell's inability to heal Eileen might be the will of the bell itself, rejecting Eileen for possible moral grounds such as being a hunter of people or having committed countless assassinations. Why this does not apply to players who have committed similar deeds is uncertain, but the theory holds that being a hunter chosen by the dream could be a reason why.




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    • Anonymous

      "However, another theory holds that the bell's inability to heal Eileen might be the will of the bell itself, rejecting Eileen for possible moral grounds such as being a hunter of people or having committed countless assassinations."

      This is the wildest of wild speculation since there is absolutely nothing whatsoever to indicate that the bell has any sort of will of its own. The reason is pretty obviously for the purpose of not breaking the questline and using the bell on Eileen is a relatively rare occurrence so the developers didn't bother to try to explain it.

      • Anonymous

        Every other hunter tool is quite easy to acquire, but trying to get this thing is a nightmare within itself.

        • Anonymous

          Y’know, I still kinda don’t under why the Choir Bell has to take 7 Quicksilver Bullets to use. Same with how the Tiny Tonitrus takes about the same bullet amount. Understandably, with Augur of Ebrietas &, Blacksky Eye & the Accursed Brew, it takes only 1 bullet. I guess I have a problem with certain Arcane items and how they’re not generous enough, even after said items have been patched.

          • Anonymous

            Didn't heal Father Gascoigne (as NPC coop for Cleric Beast) at all. Tried it two times, no results. My Arcane is 65 btw.

            • Anonymous

              This sounds cancerous, is it cancerous? 700+ hp at just 40 arcane? Anyone wanted good scaling with arcane will be going to 50 anyways... 70 for hunter tools... I feel like it might be cancerous.

              • Anonymous

                I think it should be made a secondary weapon, equipped on the left hand, reduce requirement to 10, scaling to B or C, increase range slightly, increase base heal to 500, make the animation less flashy by limiting the balls of light to the ground where they don't disturb anyone, reduce quick silver use to 2 or 3 maybe 4 and allow cooperater healing to scale with they're vitality stat but not with the users, even when healing himself since it's meant to heal others, I feel this item can awaken a new playstyle focused on support and I like the idea, maybe allow it to be enhanced by fortification and/or armor and/or a new type of blood gem, like a way to add new effects like increased fire resistance or faster stamina regen.

                • Me when going to get this item:

                  1. Crap a Winter Lantern, spam shots with Simon's Bowblade
                  2. Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down....
                  3. I looked down...That's death, that's a whole lotta death.
                  4. I got a little bell I'll likely never use on this build! Da da da daaaa
                  5. Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down....

                  • Anonymous

                    Why can I use it I bought and went to check for it in my inventory and it was gone am I missing something

                    • Anonymous

                      What it means by planes of existence and arcane was simply the sinsiter and small resonant bells, the beckoning bell and the old hunters bell.

                      • Some of the trivia comments were, well, just read what people said below. Had to include some religion information, but it's not hard to see that this bell looks like something you'd see in a Roman Catholic Church typically.

                        • Anonymous

                          It isn't mentioned on the page, but does it have a specific range where it can work? I would assume so, but it's hard to tell when people are spamming vials and dodging.

                          • Anonymous

                            Nerfed magic, when it's already weak alltogether. Welp, this ALSO is *****ing useless now, so glad I invested in arcane...

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