Messenger's Gift is a Hunter Tool.

Messenger's Gift

Requirements & Scaling
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-- 10 1


Messenger's Gift Description

"A strange gift from the messengers, inhabitants of the dream who revere the brave hunters.
Use to envelop oneself in a black nightmarish mist, then transform into a messenger.
The illusion is a parlor trick. and any large movement will break the spell.
To preserve the guise. proceed very slowly."


Messenger's Gift Usage

  • Enveloping black mist changes user into a messenger.
  • Enduring effect breaks if one evades, attacks or is attacked.



  • The messenger's gift is found in the nightmare frontier. The exact location is as follows:
    • [borrowed from the nightmare frontier page] To obtain messenger's gift, we return to the start of the map, to the ledge where the second silverbeast (and a large scurrying beast beside it) is found. Before we venture further, we need to first put on some antidotes, a bold hunter's mark and sedatives (if you have any to spare) on the quick slot. Drop down into the swamp from there, and continue advancing forward. You would soon encounter a small scurrying beast followed by a brood of 4 scurrying beasts (1 large and 3 small, small ones drop 2 blood stone shards and large one drops 3 twin blood stone shards) in the swamp. It is unlikely that you would kill all of them since they flee in different directions, but you could retry several times to take them out one by one if you wish. For the messenger's gift, continue forward and enter a tunnel scattered with large luminous flowers. Take the path to the right and you would soon encounter a brain trust, who is especially dangerous since you would be subject to poison by now unless you were spamming antidotes, and its frenzy would kill anyone who isn't at full health. It would be a good idea to simply run past it, since it is slow and the messenger's gift is nigh. We soon reach the end of the tunnel, where the messenger's gift can be found. Grab it and quickly use bold hunter's mark to return to safety.
      It is greatly helpful to stack up on frenzy (and slow poison, if possible) resistance. Equip the deep sea rune and the highest frenzy resistant attire before you go. Alternatively if you don't have echoes to lose, a suicide run would also be an option. Remember to scream "worth!" as you die to the frenzy. How fitting. (Joking aside, good luck on the run.)



  • Can be strategically put to good use when hiding/disguising from other Hunters during PVP.
    • For players looking to spot another player under the effects of the Messengers Gift, there are several differences between actual online Messenger behavior and those under its effect. When a hunter isn't nearby, an ordinary Messenger will hide underground, visible from a distance only by a "bubbling" effect upon the ground, emerging as one gets close. A player disguised as a Messenger will be visible above ground at all times, regardless of whether the one is present nearby it or not, and will not transition out of its base animation.
    • Be aware then that an experienced player may anticipate this and chose to plant themselves around corners or nestled in obscuring objects, so they cannot be spotted from afar, or until one is within advantageous range.
    • That said, any Messenger one catches moving is almost certainly a player in disguise.
  • Enemies will be completely oblivious to players under the effects of the Messenger's Gift even in plain sight, but only under the conditions they aren't seen transforming, aren't seen moving while transformed, and were not already spotted and within an aggro state before transforming. To this end, its use is moot in the midst of an enemy encounter or against those with a static position, but becomes effective when used against enemies on patrol or with fixed paths. To this end, using the Messengers Gift before entering a roving enemy or mob's line of sight will allow the player to slip by unnoticed as they pass, allowing one to evade an encounter entirely, or even set the stage for an ambush.
  • The Blue Elixir is perhaps a more effective item for stealth play overall, due to the fact that is allows the player greater freedom of movement while active. However, the Messenger's Gift offers indefinite uses so long as the player has enough of a store Quicksilver Bullets or health to create them, where the Blue Elixir is consumed on use, making it a slightly more reliable alternative.



  • This item acts similarly to the spell "Chameleon" in Bloodborne's sister franchise, Dark Souls. When used, the spell would transform the player into an random object that appeared in the level they were currently in. In use Chameleon behaved near identically, enemies would react in the same manner to the player's presence, and one could only walk at a slow pace while maintaining the illusion. However, unlike the Messenger's Gift, Chameleon possessed very little in the way of visual tells that could alert other players, outside placement and obvious movement, that the object they were disguised as was in fact a player. This necessitated a more careful awareness of the layout of a level when going up against an opponent in use of the spell in order to avoid surprise.



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    • Anonymous

      I'm playing on a different account, and for some reason I got the Hunter's Office achievement without getting the Madara's whistle. I don't know if it's a bug, or intended, or something else

      • Anonymous

        Is this tool helpful in sneaking around Winter Lanterns? I know how to defeat them, but damn if I don't have a panic attack every time.

        • A note with this item is the Messenger right behind the one with the scroll, is constantly grabbing with its hands.
          I walked right up next to a Messenger and that one did not do that.

          • Anonymous

            In Central Yharnam inside the dark house, if you go between the cabinets located downstairs and in the corner, beside the wheelchair gunman, there is a weird lighting effect when using this tool then going outside as you remain a shadowy like messenger. It's fairly odd, but proves of no effect.

            • Anonymous

              i searched those tunnels up and down without finding this thing. i returned to this area before my fight with moon presence but i killed its boss quite early on...explanation? [i am god***** certain it wasn't in the tunnels!!]

              • Anonymous

                How realistic is this item... I mean can it be read by another player or does it just change the way you look? If it can be read by another person, what does it say?

                • Anonymous

                  Can't believe this actually works on people. Even after I pointed at it and use Madaras whistle on the invader, the host still didn't see this obvious disguise. Hilariously viable.

                  • Anonymous

                    The best armor to use in order to minimize the poison damage that your character will take is the Black Church Set. After that I'd definitely bring a few antidotes and roll your way through the poison. It's a long slow trek so just be mindful. Also, at the very end just before you get the item there will be a creature that will frenzy you very quickly.

                    • Anonymous

                      I'm a huge coward and find PVP more of an annoyance to my exploring and echoes. But I've recently found its really fun to use this spell and just wait it out until the invader leaves. Nobody thinks to take mind of a messenger, even if it's sticking out. I literally had one guy run up next to me and never knew... So many rage quits. It's the most dangerous game... Of hide and seek

                      • Anonymous

                        It would be more helpful if you clarified which direction to go to obtain the messenger's gift since it took me a couple run throughs to figure i hax to go left after dropping down

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