Great One's Wisdom is a consumable Item in Bloodborne.

"Fragments of the lost wisdom of the Great Ones, beings that might be described as gods.

Use to gain Insight.

At Byrgenwerth Master Willem had an epiphany: "We are thinking on the basest of planes. What we need, are more eyes."

Great One's Wisdom Usage

  • Consume the skull to gain 2 Insight.


  • You receive one when you kill Patches The Spider in the First Floor Lecture Hall.
    • If you kill Amygdala after meeting him in person, he will disappear, leaving the item behind on the desk where he once stood.
    • If you shoot him down from the cliff in Nightmare Frontier, he drops the item in the swamp below, but survives.
  • 1x Byrgenwerth, on a corpse under the Lunarium, behind building near the lake.
  • 4x Nightmare of Mensis, on several corpses near the Brain of Mensis. Drop off onto a hidden path via the broken cage elevator, or go through the iron door in the Micolash boss arena. Note: Easier to obtain once the Brain of Mensis is dropped into the pit.


  • Similar to Madman's Knowledge in both appearance & function. May be a more concentrated form of the Knowledge.


  • The cosmic shapes flowing out of the broken skull resemble Phantasms, such as A Call Beyond; what appears to be a blue slug; the symbol of the celestial beings known as the Kin. This is likely an indication of the madness-inducing effects of acquiring knowledge pertaining to the Kin; the more soft Insight you accumulate, the deeper your knowledge of the Great Ones grows, driven further away from sanity. Once insightful enough, one may become aware of powerful Kin-type creatures (such as these), who are invisible to those oblivious of their existence.

    • 24 Mar 2017 02:52  

      Just a lurker here that still loves Bloodborne to death, but I've got an Isz Chalice dungeon that holds at least 4 of these bad boys. If you want to farm a few, type in this glyph:


      Two Great One's Wisdom can be found in the third layer right next to each other. But, stay cautious. There are more than a few "Witch of Hemwicks" that summon Mad Ones in some rather heinous locations.

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