Layer 3
This Chalice Dungeon is a special creation of Tephlonx5 and can be accessed by using the code below on your Playstation 4. You do not need Playstation Plus to get Chalice Dungeon Data.

  • Dungeon Name: Pthumeru Root Chalice Dungeon
  • Dungeon Code: jfrpydpj
  • Dungeon Materials: Pthumeru Root Chalice, Ritual Blood (1) 2, Tomb Mold (1) 3

Dungeon Enemies


Dungeon Bosses

Layer 1: Merciless Watcher
Layer 2: Maneater Boar
Layer 3: Watchdog of the Old Lords

Dungeon Drops

There is a hallway leading off of one of the initial chambers, just before the Layer 1 lamp. There's a total of two large chests there, containing more Labyrinth supplies. Enemy resistance is moderate, consisting of a few dogs, and some rats. Beware the Protector, and the Snatcher, however. I tried to make a video for this room, but it got lost on my PS4 harddrive or something? The video didn't save, which really kinda upset me, but whatever.
Extra Room 2 didn't have muchloot of note, but there was still more ritual supplies.
Extra Room 3 had WAAAAY too many Snatchers. That was the most stressful gauntlet of my life. It had some ritual blood, and a madman's knowledge, but it's worth it for all the blood stone shards you get from the snatchers, if you wanna risk it.
Extra Room 4 was kinda bland, and empty. Fat rolling Protector asshole with giant mace at end, guarding a chest with some Ritual Blood in it.
Extra Room 5, I was greeted immediately by a Snatcher, behind the opening door. Wow, rude? Also, I encountered my first Boulder trap. That was interesting. There was no way to go back, which kinda upset me. Also, still not much loot of note. Lots of ritual stuff.
Extra Room 6 was... Interesting enough, but in the end? It just had more ritual stuff.

In Review

The dungeon wasn't very exciting, and didn't have much loot of note. But there was plenty of ritual supplies, and was plenty challenging, so if you need that, there ya go. I know for a fact the first extra room gave me some flame papers. This was my first time sharing a dungeon, and I shared it before checking the contents. While it's not a worthless endeavor, it's certainly not gonna find you any Uncanny, or Lost weaponry.

Dungeon Screens/Video

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