This Chalice Dungeon is a special creation of Yoshi1995 and can be accessed by using the code below on your Playstation 4. You do not need Playstation Plus to get Chalice Dungeon Data.

  • Dungeon Name: Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice (Did not use Arcane Haze to make it sinister)
  • Dungeon Code: up6tgug5
  • Dungeon Materials: Ritual Blood (5), Blooming Coldblood Flower, Tomb Mold (5), Red Jelly

Dungeon Enemies

Normal Beast (Found in Yarnham and other locations)
Silver Loran Beast - Torch Wielding beasts that have white fur and can spawn the tentical worm things
Beast Men - The enemies found in old Yarhnam
Cloaked Beast Men - The cloaked enemies found in Old Yarnham
Skinny Dreglings -These are common in most Chalice Dungeons (Come in flame variant as well
Cloaked Skinny Dreglings - Again, common in most chalice dungeons
Sage Madmen - the screaming guys that chase you down at extreme speeds and can almost instant kill
Fire snakesages - the guys who wield the torch staff and shoot fire at you, yea them.

Dungeon Bosses

Beast-Possessed Soul - Simple and easy to get around, be wary for it's 2 hit combo that can chain and it's flame attacks can be devastating.
Maneater Boar - We've seen this one one too many times, easy to counter and easy to backstab just be wary of it's rear kick
Pthumerian Elder - A bit more on the challenging side but still as easy as he was in other Chalices, just strafe and hit and get as many V. Attacks as you can and he'll be taken down in no time at all

Dungeon Drops

This dungeon is RNG gold here, not only are the bosses cake but the items and loot found are probably the best I've seen in a RNGed set of rooms. I got everything I could have ever wanted from this one chalice and it's great.
Layer 1
Only thing of note here is that you get the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis Caryll Rune right before the dungeon begins proper as well as some decent ritual bloods (5)
Layer 2
Now this is where the loot gets good, bolt paper seems to litter itself here and there but the side dungeon right before this one begins there is the Lost Stake Driver, there is also one bastard of Loran on this floor for your cursing chalice needs
Layer 3
This is probably where I pretty much ordain this dungeon as RNG gold, Uncanny Burial Blade is found on this layer before it begins as well as some level five tomb mold and 9 level five ritual bloods in a chest. All before the dungeon begins. Oh, also after you get through the bulk of the dungeon, right before the boss is yet another side dungeon with the Lost Beast Claw. Be wary for this room is guarded by Spiders and a body wielding Manman and a beast or two.

Dungeon Screens/Video

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    • Anonymous

      Glyph still works as of this writing! You saved me from many hours of frustration of trying to kill Loran Darkbeast with my low level pure Arcane build.

      Thank you so much for sharing this, and doing such a great write up on its contents. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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        wow! not only the dungeon is sick, I think the notes you imputed are awesomely helpful. Thank you so much!
        bloodborne noob

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