This Chalice Dungeon is a special creation of Yoshie1995 and can be accessed by using the code below on your Playstation 4. You do not need Playstation Plus to get Chalice Dungeon Data.

  • Dungeon Name:Pthumerian Labyrinth
  • Dungeon Code: 8e2wei9p
  • Dungeon Materials: Ritual Blood

Dungeon Enemies

Ranges from the hulking enemies, similar to the Central Commons door banger in the first area to easy to kill but can overwhelm if in force dangly foes.

Dungeon Bosses

Deceased Giant - Hulking boss that has 2 blades for hands and can 2-4 shot you if you are not careful
Group of 3, 2 regular, 1 chief - These guys like to stay up on the top plateau, two are melee and one is ranged and if not carefully planned will end up stunlocking you to oblivion
Watchdog of the Old Lord - A giant, hulking flaming dog. Can and will 2 shot newer players, even 1 shot if not careful.

Dungeon Drops

Blood vials, silver bullets, and some other goodies like ritual blood and even some ritual mold

Dungeon Screens/Video

  • none to date

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