This Chalice Dungeon is a special creation of [your name] and can be accessed by using the code below on your Playstation 4. You do not need Playstation Plus to get Chalice Dungeon Data.

  • Dungeon Name: Lost Saw Spear, Uncanny Kirkhammer dungeon
  • Dungeon Code: vxi64jjt
  • Dungeon Materials: Lower Pthumeru Chalice, (I'm not sure about the rest, I found this in a dungeon search, and I don't have Fetid Offering available on my Lower Pthumeru Chalice.)

Dungeon Enemies

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Dungeon Bosses

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Dungeon Drops

A Lost Saw Spear in Layer 1
An Uncanny Kirkhammer in Layer 3, extra room before the first lantern

Dungeon Screens/Video

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