Chalice Dungeon Bosses are Bosses found only within Chalice Dungeons. There are currently 21 Bosses with 2 of them being one time encounters. You can also find bosses from the main game in Chalice Dungeons as well.



Chalice Dungeon Bosses



Undead Giant

Location Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 1), Lower Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 2), Various Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Adept Blood Gemstone,
Weaknesses Bolt and Thrust


Merciless Watcher

Location Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 2), Lower Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 1), FRC Ihyll and Isz
Drops Pthumer Root Chalice, Tempering Blood Gemstone
Weaknesses Blunt


Watch Dog of the Old Lords

Location Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 3), Defiled Chalice (Layer 2), FRC Ihyll and Loran Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Central Pthmeru Chalice, Fire Blood Gemstones more specifically Cursed fire damp 23.9% and Fire Abyssal 24.8%
Weaknesses Physical, Blood and Serration



Beast-possessed Soul

Location Central Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 1), Various Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Tempering Blood Gemstone or Adept Blood Gemstone
Weaknesses Fire, Serration & Righteous
Parrying, Backstabs


Keeper of the Old Lords

Location Central Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 2), Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice (Layer 1), Various Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Central Pthumeru Root Chalice, Sharp Blood Gemstone


pthumerian descendant3.jpg

Pthumerian Descendant

Location Central Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 3), Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice (Layer1), Various Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Lower Pthumeru Chalice, Tempering Blood Gemstone
Weaknesses Arcane and Fire



Maneater Boar

Location Hintertomb Chalice (Layer 1), Various Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Radiant Blood Gemstone
Weaknesses Blunt & Righteous


Bloodletting Beast

Location Lower Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 4), Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice (Layer 2), Various Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Echoes (111 052) , Defiled Chalice, Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice, Heavy Abyssal
Weaknesses Fire, Serration & Righteous



Location Lower Hintertomb Chalice, Great Isz Chalice, Various Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Tempering Blood Gemstone, Arcane-fortifying Blood Gemstones phys/arc with flat arcane add
Weaknesses Fire, Bolt, Thrust & Blood


pthumerian elder3.jpg

Pthumerian Elder

Location Lower Hintertomb Chalice (Layer 3), Various Root Chalice Dungeons
Drops Short Ritual Root Chalice, Cold Blood Gemstone, Cold Abyssal
Weaknesses Arcane and Fire


Abhorrent Beast

Location Ailing Loran Chalice (Layer 3), Lower Loran Chalice (Layer 2)
Drops Lower Loran Chalice, Bolt Damp Blood Gem
Weaknesses Arcane, Fire, Slow Poison and Serration


loran silverbeast.jpg

Loran Silverbeast

Location Lower Loran Chalice (Layer 1)
Drops Random Waning Blood Gem (6)
Weaknesses Fire, oil, serration

Loran Darkbeast.jpg

Loran Darkbeast

Location Lower Ailing Loran Chalice (Layer 3), FRC Lower Loran
Drops Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice; Cursed Bolt Damp 23.9% or Abyssal Bolt 24.8%
Weaknesses Fire, oil and serration

yharnam (1).jpg

Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen

Location Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice (Layer 3)
Drops Yharnam Stone
Weaknesses Physical, Thrust and Blood


Headed Bloodletting beast
Location Fetid, Rotten, Cursed Ihyll
Drops Cursed Tempering Abyssal- 24.8% physical atk, secondary effect with curse
Weaknesses Fire, Serration



Celestial Emissary

Location Upper Cathedral Ward
Drops Communion
Weaknesses Thrust, Bolt and Fire


Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

Location Altar of Despair
Drops Great Isz Chalice
Weaknesses Bolt and Fire



Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Location Moonside Lake
Drops Kin Coldblood (12) x1
Weaknesses Bolt, Fire, Arcane

    • 29 May 2017 13:18  

      For me, the annoying thing is FromSoftware decided to just turn standard enemies into bosses. I would be cool with that if the bosses like Loran Silverbeast had a bunch more different attacks compared to the ones in the main game.

      • Keeper of the old lords weakness?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

        Okay so it say's that she/he is weak to fire? but you can buy the equipment he/she is wearing and it's highly resistant to fire, what's more he/she also uses fire based attack's so either the game designer is weird or there has been a horrible mistake in listing her weakness dood.

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