Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
22822 72730 Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Yharnam Stone
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
75 80 75 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
75 115 75 115
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
250 270 - -

Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen is a Boss in Bloodborne.

Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen




Combat Information

  • All her blood attacks cause rapid poison to build up, so bring Antidotes.
  • Only the end of the second "Cry" of the three, will root you if close in melee range. When you hear the second cry jump back, then come back in for a strike.
  • Usually you can only get 1-2 hits on her, then you have to distance yourself, otherwise you get chained down
  • Sometimes the baby doesn't cry right when you start attacking her. Listen carefully and especially in the first phase you can just spam R1 despite your stamina and interrupt her slowly starting attacks until after a while baby forces you to stop. It is possible to R1 spam the whole first phase if the baby stays silent.
  • The first phase you can just dodge through the blood rain she shoots from her wrist, to get your hits in (don't do that once phase 2 starts, you'll get hit)
  • Phase 2 starts at around 70-75% she will break her handcuffs and will start using her knife in melee (perfect for riposting, makes the fight a whole lot faster)
  • As for riposting, just get close in shortly, backstep and interrupt her from a safer distance, otherwise you'll get chained and can't get your Visceral Attack in.
  • At some point she will disappear and summon clones, just hit/shoot them once, and they will disappear (clones only shoot one blood bullet from distance).
  • At around 50% she will use a new ranged skill, which involves her cutting her wrist and summon blood knives that attack you from the ground, just sidestep the ground knives; there will be 5 fast ones (just sprint around the arena) and a 6th one that will be delayed
  • Poison Knives work great. 4 will be enough to start the slow poison. It's recommended to wait for the more difficult half of the fight (You can't kill her with 20 Poison Knives alone, but having it chip away in the background makes the fight significantly shorter).
  • You can attack her safely with the transformed Threaded Cane without causing the baby to cry. This makes the fight go much faster if you've already invested in upgrading one. Since she flinches on hits in her first phase, you can effectively stunlock her to 70% as well as deal significant amounts of damage to her in her phase 2 when she's simply walking around.
  • Alternately, go for hit and run tactic with Burial Blade dash R1 in its scythe form and immediately steps backward. The weapon's charged R2 attack can also be used to make the fight exceedingly easy, as it can be used to continually knock her down from a considerable distance, which interrupts her attacks.
  • Throwing any type of knife at her places her in some sort of immobile state, and interrupts many of her attacks. This works well in her third stage. You can use this opportunity to heal yourself, land a couple hits, or force her melee attacks to set up a Visceral Attack.
  • Using Holy Moonlight Sword's L2 attack, you can keep knocking her down, essentially avoiding getting hit. Be careful as you can clip her into the center column and be unable to hit her. (Just pushed her into a wall and clipped her through the floor; she died seconds later (half health to instant kill)).


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Blood Missile (1 or 3 projectiles) Fast long range shot fired in a series of 1-3. In the beginning of the fight only one missile but later 3 missiles together. The clones always shoot single projectiles, which is a good way of identifying them. Dodge left or right.
Blood Fountain Launches a slow rain of blood from her wrists. In the first stage of the fight can be dodged under the rain by quickstepping right towards her but later rain becomes too heavy.
Blood Blast Heavy close range attack in the first phase of the fight. Lifts her hands up and launches an AoE blast. Dodge straight away from her. Usually one quickstep and some walking is enough so that after the blast, the player can quickstep back to her and attack.
Telekinesis Attack Bows slightly forward and the ground around her starts to glow with a blue light. Act fast! Quickstep away from the glow or run towards the Queen and attack her. The area of the spell has visual borders. If you do not dodge or interrupt the attack, you will get thrown around in the air and slammed to the ground taking a massive amount of damage.
Single Blood Spears from the floor Stabs her hand with her sword causing a blood spear to arise from the floor right under you. She can do one after another, up to 3-4 times. The timing to dodge is as soon as she stabs herself, not earlier.
Walls of Blood Spears Stabs her hand and a line of spears arise from the floor. She can do another as soon as one line finishes, up to 3-4 times. Excellent opportunity to quickstep behind her and do a charge attack to get a backstab chance.
Sword Rush Takes a fast and far reaching jump towards you and slashes with her sword. Easily dodged.
Blood Storm After buffing her sword pushes it to the ground and pillars of blood erupt near her, much like the fire pillars in Fire Storm magic in Dark Souls. Don't try anything, just dodge away from her.
Slashing with her sword Swings her sword (buffed or not) at you and tries to stab too if you get in range. Baiting an melee attack, dodging away and taking a rather easy countershot from the follow ups to stagger her is a solid strategy and visceral attacks makes this fight too much easier.



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Notes & Trivia

  • She is the only boss in the game with a gold trophy for defeating her.
  • She drops the Yharnam Stone, but only in Ihyll encounter, as she doesn't drop anything in Mergo's Loft.
  • If you haven't defeated Mergo's Wet Nurse, she still appears on Mergo's Loft even after killing her in Pthumeru Ihyll.




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    • 30 Dec 2016 08:19  

      way easier than headless beast for me. take a quick weapon, she will stagger at every hit. when stamina runs out, retreat and hide behind the central pillar, but be ready to rolldodge bloodspears from the ground. shoot her clones and get close again to boss and repeat.

      • Very easy05 Jul 2016 08:56  

        This boss was extremely passive. I just dashed in for my 2 hits, and dashed back behind the pillar(or a section of it anyway) and when the baby stopped crying i did it again. Quite disappointing for all the chalice bosses i had to fight to get to her. Especially the defiled chalice.

        • Red Jelly05 Jul 2016 08:56  

          So what is best: Doing the Lower Loran Chalice for the extra 2 red jelly, or going into NG+ and picking up another 2 red jelly from the chest in the Lecture Building?

          • Virgin Birth?05 Jul 2016 08:56  

            There is no evidence that supports it was a virgin birth as stated here. In all of the Queen's models she has huge cuts and blood on her belly/ wedding dress to which would lend thoughts of herself or someone else cutting the baby out. Furthermore whenever we see her weaping in the cutscene past Rom and before Mergo's Wet Nurse she has a flat belly and is weeping in the direction of the child. When you fight her in the Chalice Dungeon she is pregnant and is seen praying before the fight starts. I would go so far as to say she was handcuffed first then the baby cut out later as we fight her with her handcuffs on at the start

            • Beat her in ez way.05 Jul 2016 08:56  

              When she turn to 2nd phases, switch to your Blade of Mercy, simply press R1 again and again(only use the one hand mode), then you win. <br/>

              • Glitched05 Jul 2016 08:56  

                I riposted her against one of the outer walls and she just fell out of the arena. Almost like falling out of the world. Saved me from most of third phase.

                • Pretty trivial fight with Ludwig's Holy Sword05 Jul 2016 08:56  

                  The R1 swing of the 2H sword interrupts all of her attacks in all phases. Dash in, smack her once, back off, and repeat. Eliminate the clones first just to be safe, and stick to the center column as cover while you close in on the real one. <br/> <br/>On another note, as someone who finds crying babies incredibly irritating, the fight was much easier with the sound turned off. I always kept in mind that I would only have time for one swing.

                  • Kneeling before Wetnurse05 Jul 2016 08:56  

                    Has anyone tried using the Deep Respect gesture you get from vileblood queen with this blood queen before wetnurse? <br/> <br/>-TheRealGYK

                    • Really easy.05 Jul 2016 08:56  

                      This boss is fairly easy and is really exploitable. Play safe until she breaks her bindings, then you can chain R2 her to death. Whenever she does one of her longer attacks, like the blood spears (either the one from the ground or the three she shoots out) you can get behind her and power attack her. Follow up with a visceral, dash towards her body, rinse and repeat. She has no chain-lockout like Father Gascoigne, so you can do this until she is dead and take no dmg.

                      • TristanVasarius05 Jul 2016 08:56  

                        3 playthroughs. 2 with the stone. Wasted insight, spoke with all npc's - no dice. I'm thinking we were brilliantly trolled, or it's dlc related.

                        • The baby05 Jul 2016 08:56  

                          The baby does not. *****ing. stop. crying. It's ridiculous. EVERY time I get close, the baby cries. I literally can't hurt her. I've danced around for 5+ minutes and every time I get close it cries.

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