Patch 1.07 for Bloodborne. Released on November 20th.

November 19th
23:00-03:00 PST

November 20th
7:00-11:00 GMT
02:00-06:00 EST
01:00-05:00 CST
00:00-04:00 MST
16:00-20:00 JST
18:00-22:00 AEDT

Patch Notes

This is the confederate covenant of hunters associated with The League. You may meet Valtr (ヴァルトール) and join The League in the Forbidden Woods, in the hut that must be unlocked as a shortcut next to the first lamp. If you co-op while using the covenant rune Impurity and succeed in your task, you will receive a Vermin item that will be allow you to participate in the ranking system.

  • New NPC Co-op Partners
Hunters of The League faction will be able to summon new Old Hunters into their game in several areas, including the Chalice Dungeons. You must receive the Elder Summoning Bell at the Hunter's Dream and ring it to summon the Old Hunters at their specific markers. The Elder Summoning Bell consumes insight on use, and you can only have a maximum of two NPC phantoms with you at a time. If you have another co-op player in your world, you can only summon one NPC helper.

Non-root Chalice Dungeons will now have have a default glyph in order to allow easier co-op and pvp: This means you can find other players in the default dungeons, but if you would like to opt out you may create a unique glyph.

  • New Co-op "signs"
When using a summoning bell, you will now be able to see phantoms of other players who are also searching for co-op, you will see ripples at their feet if they're looking for a multiplayer session and, if they are within your summoning range.

  • Matchmaking and Stability Improvements (unspecified)
  • In chalices beating the boss for the first time will give you gems. Before it would be the chalice and thats it.

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    • Anonymous

      Since the Patch Matchmaking seems somewhat broken to me ... I started a new carackter and Summoning went complety out off range ... I was lvl 20 and got invade by someone whis kos parasite and Rakuyo (with both at least 1000 HP) and more then one time i got actually summond in an Ng+ without any dmg bonus to me so online is just total crap until you like beatig up newbies ;-(

      • Anonymous

        Can anyone confirm that pre-patch the water in Forbidden Woods was transparent? It looks opaque now and that seems different to me, am I imagining things? Also it seems level of detail is more graceful, I see more lights in the distance and not popping up only when I get close.

        • Anonymous

          Since the patch was released I have been trying to download it. Every time I try I get stuck with a download error? I have been able to download things on my play station and computer fine in this timeframe, just not the patch! I was really looking forward to playing the DLC.. But it looks like I cannot download it, or ever play bloodborne online again?

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