Insight Messengers are the Messengers that sell items for Insight in Hunter's Dream. It is unclear if more items become available there as you accumulate more Insight, but more things do appear for sale after defeating bosses or completing certain world events. Below is a list of items you can buy and their cost:


Item Cost
pungent blood cocktailPungent Blood Cocktail
A mature blood cocktail, thrown to attract beasts.
1 Insight
small resonant bellSmall Resonant Bell
Join another player’s game, becoming a “guest”.
1 Insight
sinister bellSinister Resonant Bell
Used to invade another Hunter's world.
1 Insight
fire paperFire Paper
Coat weapon in fire.
1 Insight
bolt paperBolt Paper
Coat weapon in lightning.
1 Insight
imageBlood Stone Shard
Upgrade weapons.
1 Insight
Beast Blood Pellet 1 Insight
Blue Elixir 2 Insight
Lead Elixir 2 Insight
Numbing Mist 2 Insight
Shaman Bone Blade 1 Insight
Blood Stone Shard 1 Insight
Twin Blood Stone Shard 2 Insight
Blood Stone Chunk 30 Insight
Blood Rock 60 Insight
Coldblood Flowerbud 2 Insight
Bloodshot Eyeball 2 Insight
Living String 10 Insight
Red Jelly 5 Insight
Pearl Slug 3 Insight

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