User Guide


Left stick
Right stick
Move camera
R1 button
Use right-handed weapon
R2 button
Use strong right-handed weapon
L1 button
Transform right-handed weapon
L2 button
Use left-handed weapon (gun/torch)
L2 button (while holding two-handed weapon)
Special attack
X button
Use blood vial to restore health
SQUARE button
Use item
CIRCLE button
Step backwards, dodge, and jump (hold to run/climb faster)
Toggle lock-on and center camera
UP directional button
Acquire more QS Bullets by sacrificing health
DOWN directional button
Switch items
RIGHT directional button
Cycle through right-handed weapons
LEFT directional button
Cycle through left-handed weapons
OPTIONS button
Open System menu
touch pad button (press left-hand side)
Open Gesture menu
touch pad button (press right-hand side)
Open Personal Effects menu


The items used for network play – Beckoning Bell, Small Resonant Bell, Silencing Blank and Notebook – can be found in the Personal Effects menu.

Co-op Play

You needn't face the nightmarish world of Bloodborne alone – join forces with up to two extra players to overcome the toughest of foes.

Initiating Co-op Play

When you summon another player into your game, you become the “host”. To do this, select the Beckoning Bell from the Personal Effects menu. You must have at least 1 Insight to use the bell.
If you wish to join another player's game, select the Small Resonant Bell from the Personal Effects menu. When you join another player's game, you're referred to as a “guest”.

Ending Co-op Play

When playing co-op, your session will either end in victory or failure, at which point you'll be returned to your own world automatically.
If you need to abandon a co-op session, use the Silencing Blank item from the Personal Effects menu. The host can also use a Silencing Blank to dismiss guests from their world.

Notes and the Notebook

You can leave messages for other players to warn them about particular dangers lurking in an area or to give them a hint about a hidden secret. To write a note, or to read a note left by another player, select the Notebook in the Personal Effects menu.

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