A number of Yharnamites can be interacted with by knocking on their doors. placeholder.png


A number of survivors in Central Yharnam, Cathedral District, Hypogean Gaol and Hemwick Charnel Lane can be interacted with. All except Adella of Hypogean Gaol are indoor and are interacted with by knocking on their doors or windows. The availability of a survivor is indicated by a lantern (whose light is somewhat reddish) in front of their doors (or windows).
A handful of survivors are friendly and can be directed to either one of two havens: Oedon Chapel or Iosefka's Clinic (although the latter turned out to be not safe after all), the others will not accept help of any sort.
Of the survivors that cannot be directed to safety, the majority distrust the hunter, referring to them as "outsider" and in some cases blame them for the plague. Others are mad and speak incomprehensibly.
Any survivors that remain in their residence after the ritual secret is broken (by defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider) will be attacked by beasts and die.

List of survivors that can be saved:

  • Central Yharnam:
  1. Viola's daughter
  2. Lonely old woman
  • Cathedral district:
  1. Arianna
  2. Skeptical Man (He will go to the opposite haven that the hunter suggest. He is located across from Arianna's house)
  • Hypogean Gaol:
  1. Adella
  • Forbidden Woods
  1. Suspicious Beggar (He will murder other saved NPCs in Oedon Chapel when confronted he will give the hunter some dialogue. If sent to Iosefka's Clinic he will be turned into a celestial mob and still drop his rune)
Gilbert is the only friendly survivor that cannot be saved, because he is infected with the plague. Attempt to direct him to safety, and he will refuse and gives the hunter his thanks.


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Other Notes:

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  3. Example event that makes NPC hostile

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      Viola's daughter05 Jul 2016 14:57  

      It lists her as a survivor that can be saved, but isn't that impossible? If you send her to Oedon Chapel, doesn't she still die trying to get there?

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