Blood Dreg is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.

blood_dreg.jpg"The Vilebloods of Cainhurst, blood-lusting hunters, see these frightful things in coldblood.

They often appear in the blood of echo fiends, that is to say, the blood of hunters. Queen Annalise partakes in these blood dreg offerings, so that she may one day bear the Child of Blood, the next Vileblood heir."



  • Received from killing hunters while in the Vileblood Covenant.
  • NPCs will drop these as well but you must have the Corruption Rune equipped. (Confirmed on Djura)
  • NPCs when killed in other Hunters' Worlds also count.
  • They seem to have an extremely rare chance to drop from hunters inside Chalice Dungeons with the Corruption rune equipped.



  • Used to increase covenant ranking by offering to Queen Annalise
  • Using them from inventory will give Insight (+1) without adding rank in the covenant



  • The blood dreg item looks suspiciously like sperm cells. Perhaps that is what Annalise, Queen of the Viledbloods needs in order to bear a child.

    • Yall are missing the point05 Jul 2016 08:53  

      It ain't "bloody sperm", it's literally sperm that's in the blood of all hunters (the see it in coldblood). Probably old one sperm since queenie is trying to use it to get preggers with "the child of blood" <br/> <br/>Consuming it grants insight which in this case probably works similar to the umbilical chords in that you become more like an old one the more of it's sperm you take in. In that sense maybe humans are like the egg and the old ones are trying to "fertilize" us in order to create the hybred that can live.

      • Blood dregs out of nowhere?05 Jul 2016 08:53  

        After joining Cainhurst Vilehunters and equipping the covenant rune, I started getting blood dregs out of nowhere. Like for example when I went to take on the final fight of Eileen's quest, I walked through the cathedral doors and got a blood dreg out of nowhere. That katana guy wasn't in the cathedral, but his loot was in front of the lamp, like he died without me even going there? That has happened with several other fightable NPCs too, I just get a dreg or two when I enter an area and the NPCs aren't there. Anyone else experienced this?

        • No dregs after queen died/revived?05 Jul 2016 08:53  

          My character stopped receiving blood dregs when I win pvp matches. This began after the queen died, I killed alfred, then revived her.

          • Seek the "pale" blood05 Jul 2016 08:53  

            Seek the "pale" blood is the main goal of the game... <br/>My reaction after reading description of this item: <br/>Pale. Blood. Are you f*n serious!? x_x

            • So...05 Jul 2016 08:53  

              Wait, so she wants me to go out, murder indiscriminately, collect bloody semen from the bodies and bring it back to her so she can consume it in order to give birth to an alien baby? <br/> <br/>That's not how you pregnant XD

              • Theory: The Moon and Fertility05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                This game is miserable with a strong affinity to fertility and the moon. There's a theory that all the blood used is actually mentral blood, as slightly evidenced by all the different Blood vial descripts. Only women can give blood ministration. Yharnam is named after the Pthumerian Queen Yharnam who's moon-blood is likely what founded the city. The Pthumerians were superhumans who uncovered the secrets of the great ones, no doubt their blood would yield great ability. <br/>Mensis literally moons Month/Moon, and also archaic to Menstral. The Great Ones require fertile human surrogates for their offspring, makes sense they they inseminate through these Dregs. You're using the menstral blood of the Yharnam queen who was knocked up by a Great One. Seems there's still some Great One residue in it if you catch my drift.

                • Nothing for Killing Cooperators?05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                  You should get these for killing cooperators it's stupid the same reward for killing a PC solo is the same if you have to go through 3 especially now that Cooperators can literally be any level. They also need to do something about the dupe glitch you should only be able to turn these in online pretty much everyone in the top 100 cheated

                  • Chalice Dungeons05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                    I randomly got a Blood Dreg from a Bone Ash Hunter in a Chalice Dungeon. I didn't think that was possible considering I've killed tonnes of hunters in the dungeons and never got any Dregs before. Anyone else had a similar experience?

                    • Are we the beasts?05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                      I used to think it was possible we are the beasts, but I changed it when I thought of the dream and we come back to life when we die.

                      • Blood Dregs05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                        So what's the point of them? Just so people know how many hunters you've killed? I had 20 and just gave them to the Queen and all I got was the Deep Respect gesture.

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