Stump Messenger is a bath messenger in Bloodborne. placeholder.png



  • In Hunter's Dream, before the top entrance of the house, take the path on the left and you will find this bath messenger.


  • Allows the player to equip Messenger Skins to customize the way their messengers appear at lanterns, gravestones and notes written by the player.
  • Unlocked when the player finds a Messenger Skin.

Other Notes:

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    • Anonymous

      It feels too much of a large, open space with paths all around just for the stump messangers -which most players don’t even notice during their play throughs! Anyone know if something else was planned to go there before?

      • Anonymous

        Don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but it seems if you actually equip the various effects to your messengers they remain accessible through the stump. Even though I gave the red messenger ribbon to Viola's other daughter and received the white ribbon in exchange, I can still select the red ribbon as an option. Don't know if this is common knowledge, but I couldn't find anything on the wiki about it.

        • I played the entire game and never saw the messengers appear in the stump. I collected numerous skins but never saw them. It's worth noting that I was offline the entire time, but when I began my NG+ in online mode (finally got PS+) they were still absent. Am I missing something here?

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