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Origin Calculator

by Arterialite

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    • Anonymous

      This calculator is fantastic! To explain for others, you use this calculator to figure out which origin is the best for the build you choose to do. You need to input your final stats you want, and it will tell you what origin will get you there at the lowest level possible. It essentially picks the origin with the lowest amount of "wasted" points. For example, if you want to do a pure skill build, you won't need to level up arcane and bloodtinge. You can put the stats you want, and leave the arcane and bloodtinge at 0. It will determine which build will get you to the desired level the lowest.

      • Anonymous I have to download this for it to even work? That is if I can even manage to get it to work. I don't understand what the h*** it's supposed to do. We all start off as a level 10 so what's the point of having an origin separator to the side? I swear people who make "calculators" these days are all for figuring out the numbers but can't figure out basic programming to actually make a f***ing calculator.

        "Here I'll just put it all on an excel sheet, of course everyone will immediately understand what I'm talking about and how it works!"

        • Anonymous

 If someone can publish here please go ahead!

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