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I have gone into some further research about Djura (A.K.A Gatling Gun Guy)'s Lore over the past 4 hours because he just seems like a really interesting character. The whole story about him abandoning his old hunter vows, deciding to seal off Old Yharnam from other hunters and to prevent the "creatures" from getting hurt/killed in his little "utopia" really sparks a curiosity. I went through the Bloodborne Reddit pages, Fextra discussions and pages AND of course the game to piece together evidence and a somewhat structured storyline. So lets delve into his story...

Djura's Beginnings...

First off we always have to recognise that Djura is also a hunter, just like us. A hunter's life pretty much consists of "Killing a few beasts." as stated by Gehrman. Now seeing as Gehrman is a friend to all hunters (irrespective of where they come from), it is also highly possible that he and Djura have met in the past, in the Hunter's Dream - after all, Gehrman IS the first hunter which makes it very possible that every hunter's vow came directly from him. Now that we have a reliable explanation of Djura's involvement in the nightmare hunt, we can now move on.

Djura's Involvements...


Whilst encountering Djura, I immediately notice that he equips a Ludwig's Rifle and a Stake Driver but lets take a look at the rifle first. In the description, it states that the rifle is "typically used by Healing Church hunters." which already confirms his involvement with the Healing Church and what it does. take note that the description also states that "The healing church workshop began with Ludwig, and departed from old Gehrman's techniques..." which also tells us that it all began with Gehrman as the first hunter - and like any other denomination, many groups for example The Powder Kegs, Hunter of Hunters, The Healing Church etc. emerged throughout Yharnam giving the hunter brother/sister hood, different specialist roles throughout the night of the hunt e.g. Hunter of Hunters specialising in the killing of turned hunters and The Powder Kegs specialising in weapons and ballistics craft.


Now we look at the stake driver - being his primary weapon. the description reads, "A trick weapon fashioned by the workshop heretics, the Powder Kegs. Favoured by the retired hunter Djura." It is also important to keep in mind that the Powder Keg Hunter badge that he gives/drops, is solid proof that he was also a part of the division other than just the Healing Church. Another piece of evidence that tells us he was a part of the Powder Kegs is found in the description of his armour set, "Djura is known through his contact with the Powder Kegs, the heretics of the workshop..."

  • These two paragraphs conclude that Djura was a part of both The Healing Church and the Powder Kegs divisions.
  • The initial plot of the game also says that the Healing Church found out that the cure to every illness was tainted by something unknown thus enabling the transformation from man to beast, which leads us to the next explanation...


Djura's Realisation...

At this point in the timeline, Djura has changed his mind about killing beasts after realising that they are actually human in the real world. this is confirmed because in his dialogue he states, "they are of no harm to those above..." It is possible that Djura may not know that he is particularly in a nightmare himself. His statement may have just been referring to the spiritual aspect of the world, saying that they were once people but are now likely in a heaven-like place - which sound very sympathetic. But then again there is a big chance that he found out somewhere in his life that he actually is a part of the nightmare because the doll found in the Hunter's Dream says, "Farewell, good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world." when departing.
"Djura felt defeated by the state of Old Yharnam, and renounced his hunter's vows." This statement was taken from the description of his armour set. This statement sheds light on how he finally changed his mentality towards the horrific events caused by the hunt. After seeing the aftermath of the human destruction left behind by other hunters, Djura felt defeated by the state of it and finally called it quits.
It is very likely that hunters crucified the bodies of the small beasts just outside the church doors as a warning to wade off other beasts, but Djura lit the bodies in flame as the common belief in Yharnam, was that fire was a sign of purifying/cleansing of the person's soul. So that may explain the whole "If Djura didn't want to kill the beasts, how were the corpses put there in the first place?" issue. This sign of respect to the beasts and him leaving them alone whilst protecting them from other hunters may have enabled the trust between him and them. This may also be why the beasts attack you as soon as they see you.
Another important point to consider is that shortly after his realisation, he renounced the hunter's vow and became a lone-wolf hunter in order to protect the precinct of Old Yharnam. His grey wolf cap states "This worn cap was the lone-wolf's trademark." I also looked at the models of the Grey Wolf Cap in comparison to the Hunter Hat, they are very similar in structure, but the Wolf Cap looks well worn and also has a make-shift stitching in it possibly symbolising the departure of the old hunter's way.


He states "But first, a farewell gift... I have no use for it anyway." when he gives you the Powder Kegs Badge as he is now a lone-wolf hunter.


Whilst I was farming some souls near the great bridge, I found a note in the two-storey building on the bottom floor located just in front of the man in the wheelchair, written on it was "When the hunt began, the Healing Church abandoned us, blocking the great bridge to the Cathedral Ward, as they burned Old Yharnam to the ground on that moonlit night." Since Djura was a fond member of the church, it is at this event where his sudden realisation would have become clear, thus abandoning the church - being the only option.


  • Djura first learned of the hunter's way through speaking with Gehrman.
  • After being accustomed to the hunter's way, he joined the Powder Kegs and Healing Church divisions.
  • After seeing the state of Old Yharnam and the mistreatment of former man, he realises that it is wrong and the these beasts were once human too.
  • He decides to leave the Powder Kegs and immediately - the Healing Church, as the arson of Old Yharnam was the church's doing.
  • He pays his respect to the departed by burning the already crucified corpses and piles of bodies.
  • This strengthens his bond with the beasts that roam Old Yharnam as he pledges to protect them from other hunters which includes you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my take on Djura's lore and PLEASE Add a discussion instead of editing them onto what I wrote!!!
- GastroDragon

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    • Anonymous

      Lesser beasts are people, greater hunting beasts. Hunters are virtually immune to the effects of madness generated by the arcane sight. So they can resist bestiality and go into the night until they visualize the blood moon. One trick to avoid the anticipated bestiality was to blindfold your eyes, but as the Eminents whisper indescribable chants, the church created thick-blooded sedatives. Understand this, there are two transformations, the horary and the counterclockwise, this is portrayed in the astral clock and in the Caryll runes. Horary transformation is the heady fall into ferocity while counterclockwise is a rebirth. The gunpowder kegs were already a splinter group from the church's hunters, Djura and her brothers were forced to face all the bestial fall generated in old Yharnam and they blamed the Church rituals. Over time the group went crazy and only Djura maintained any sanity, he being the youngest, the ties with the old people Yharnam was what was left. So all that's left for him is to stop the hunters' descent into the dark ashes of the city. Probably the Black Beast was old Yharnam's first vicar, perhaps it was Archibard the mad workshop craftsman and the person who created the weapons that consume mercury bullets.

      • I was wondering about the dead crucified beasts at the entrance who were freshly burnt.Only djura could have done that. I thought he killed a few living beasts to use their fear of fire to prevent them from escaping and to warn others that old yharnam is dangerous. But using already dead beasts and corpses, really hits the spot. As someone who tries to care for them, thats a better thing to do.

        • Anonymous

          Great thinking, it really illustrates how Djura went from proper hunter to lone-wolf, I like it. I just have one thing to add to the theory, and that's the start of his realisation. You state that "Djura has changed his mind about killing beasts after realising that they are actually human in the real world."I'm not sure where you got this from, maybe I'm missing some vital info, but beasts are still in beast form in the real world. What I think would fit better is Djura realising that these beast-men are still humanly aware, they just behave on instinct.This is illustrated by the suspicious beggar NPC, who transforms into a beast and has dialogue in his beast form. Vicar Amelia in her beast form still retains her prayer, showing that the human mind is still in there somewhere.Realising that the beasts you're killing are still human in mind would trigger someone to lay down their hunter's tools, I wager.Just a thought.

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