Workshop Haze Extractor

A misplaced workshop tool from the Hunter's Dream.

The hunter who retrieves this can extract Arcane Haze from ritual materials.

But alas, spent materials are lost.

Workshop Haze Extractor is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Workshop Haze Extractor Usage



  • Found in a chest in the side door before the boss in Lower Pthumeru Chalice (2nd Layer)
  • In the treasure trail right before the boss of layer two, continue past the scorpion creature until you reach the room with the rats. Run past them into the large open area and into the room straight ahead. At the end of the room you will find the Chest (Coffin) with the Workshop Haze Extractor.



  • It is recommended to convert Tomb Mold(1) to haze, as it is cheap, Ritual Blood (1) can also be converted cheaply for the same result.
  • Generally, you should convert materials that would normally be used for any chalices you have already made. For instance, lesser ritual bloods and tomb molds are worthless if you've already made the chalices that would require those sorts of materials.



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    • Anonymous

      11 Jan 2018 04:54  

      I honestly can't fathom how this was added to the game. Arcane haze doesn't even DO anything outside of being a ritual material, and i already have 5 just by completing the pthumeru chalice. This is the bloodborne equivalent of a machine in DS that turns items into rubbish. 0/10.

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