Red Jelly is a Ritual Material Item in Bloodborne used to create a Chalice Dungeon.

red_jelly.jpg "Material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

Stillborn infants born of a creature of unknown origin, of the type found in some corners of the old labyrinth."

Red Jelly Usage


  • Two in Lecture Building 1F (Ground Floor), to the right of the entrance to Nightmare Frontier
  • Lower Loran Chalice (One in layer 2, one in layer 3)
  • Great Isz Chalice (Two in layer 3)



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    • Lower Loran 1 RedJelly treasure location05 Jul 2016 08:39

      In Layer 2, immediately run to the right, go up the ladder, make your way outside to the first long bridge, immediately fall down to the bridge below and head back toward the way you came but you'll end up in a treasure room. treasure with 1 red jelly is immediately to the left hand wall, run to it (the beast will not be alarmed yet), grab the 1 red jelly and warp out. from there you can buy them for 5 insight.

      • Red Jelly05 Jul 2016 08:39

        I found 2 in my Ihyll Dungeon. <br/>It's sxxmad47 <br/>In the hallway where a rock is constantly rolling down you need to run behind the rock in his rolling direction. Then after a few steps there is an hallway (left side) that leads to a treasure room. You can find Red Jelly in 2 chests there. Hope it helps someone :D

        • Red Jelly Reset in NG+05 Jul 2016 08:39

          Does anyone know if the Red Jelly in the lecture hall reappear in NG+? I think it might be easier to get 4 from the lecture hall (2 in NG and 2 in NG+) then bothering with the Lower Loran chalice.

          • Red jelly video guide05 Jul 2016 08:39

            Hey guys, check out my playlsit on youtube here It basically details where you can get every chalice material including red jelly. Happy hunting and if it helps you out a like / share is much appreciated :)

            • Purchasing of Red Jelly05 Jul 2016 08:39

              Can confirm as the wiki currently states, Red Jelly becomes purchasable straight after conducting the ritual for the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice, testing exactly what conditions are required to unlock each material.

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