Coldblood Flowerbud is a consumable material item in Bloodborne.

external image Coldblood_Flowerbud.png"Material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

Pale vegetation that commonly grows on coldblood in a place long ago abandoned."

Coldblood Flowerbud Usage


  • Can be bought from Insight Bath Messengers
  • Can be found in Nightmare Frontier x4
  • Above rocks in the middle of the poisonous swamp x2
  • Near to first giant you encounter before going to poisonous swamp x1 (to the right, on a corpse)
  • It's the item that Patches the Spider lures you off the cliff with. Once you're friendly with him, go back and get it x1


  • Player note 1


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    • How to purchase this item05 Jul 2016 08:58  

      It can be bought from the insight messengers after defeating Amygdala in Nightmare Frontier, testing exactly what conditions are required to unlock each material.

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