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    • Vicar Amelia08 Jul 2016 21:35  

      So I beat vicar amelia but I don't know what to do next, apparently you're supposed to touch the skull to trigger a cutscene but it won't let me. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong. Please help

      • Who Wants BloodBorne 2?05 Jul 2016 14:39  

        Bloodborne was an especially interesting game. I found the artwork to be exceptionally well, all the moments that I encountered the wolfs I would just say to myself, it's just a "blitzwolfer," it's just a "blitzwolfer," if you guys don't know what those are, they're from Ben 10, its his wolf transformation guy, he was my favorite :3. <br/> <br/>Anyways recently there's been alot of mention of a blood-borne sequel and I legitimately, think this would be a good alternative even to The Old Hunters Pack DLC. I am ready for another Bloodborne game, it was too good! <br/> <br/> I'm curious, what do you guys think about a sequel to bloodborne? Do you think they should release it, as opposed to a Dark Souls 3? :confused: Help spread awareness by sharing"Who Wants Bloodborne 2?" on facebook ;). We only have one like so, which is me :P, LOL but with TIME and people who CARE we can absolutely make a change! Let’s see if we can’t make this happen! ;)

        • dlc vids/ helping hand05 Jul 2016 14:39  

          Hello fellow hunters carmody0311 here. I will be running around the dlc helping people I am level 145 on ng+ also you can follow me on youtube @ Empty the mag

          • Question about Invasion05 Jul 2016 14:39  

            I'm going to out right say it, I'm max level as in everything is 99 and while I was heading to get some Living String( Very Late start to dungeons) I got invaded twice much to my surprise. They died horribly, did basically no damage and they did buff their weapon and shot me a few times. The first one for some reason ran towards mobs, not sure why. After I killed them... well he ran, threw fire bombs and shot me a few time as I chased him down and started to beat him/her(couldn't really tell) down with my pick. After about two hits I think k he/she panic, cause I got shot in the effin face with a cannon.. I preceded to beat the hell out of this person with my nice iron fist on my offhand until my opponent was dead. After about 20-30 mins I get invaded by a different person. They buff, charged me and I pulled out the pick and kept hitting the person while barely any damage was done to me again. This one however didn't try to run or heal so they got a good death. My question is can I get invaded by severely under leveled players? Figured I give you all a little story on my mildly entertaining ordeal.

            • PVP. Stop wasting blood vials.05 Jul 2016 14:39  

              If you have to re-up 7 times fighting someone that never regenerates there health during combat even if you win( not often seeing as how you have to re-up so often) you just look lame.

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