A centipede-like creature discovered on successful hunts by League hunters.

Vermin, found hidden within filth, are only seen by League confederates, and are the root of man's impurity. The League has assumed the task of finding and crushing all vermin.

Perhaps there is some mercy in the madness. Those who wish to see vermin can, and those who choose to are provided with boundless purpose.

Vermin is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne. It was added with Patch 1.07.


Vermin Usage

  • Crush this item to obtain +1 rank in the covenant The League
  • Can be sold for 300 Blood Echoes



  • Obtained by completing a successful co-op session as a phantom whilst wearing the Impurity rune.
  • Additionally if you are not a member of the league, but complete a co-op session with another phantom who is, you may receive one.
  • You may also obtain Vermin for completing Chalice Dungeon objectives as a phantom whilst wearing the rune.
  • Three Old Hunters in the Hunter's Nightmare drop Vermin. These hunters do not respawn, so a total of 3 vermin can be obtained this way. The aforementioned Old Hunters can be told apart, due to having red eyes. They are also stronger than the other Old Hunters in the area.
    • One can be fought on a rooftop across where the player comes from at the gate square, before reaching the Nightmare Grand Cathedral. He wields a Boom Hammer.
    • One can be fought guarding the Beasthunter Siaf. He wields a Beasthunter Siaf.
    • One can be fought behind the Nightmare Church downstairs, where the Whirligig Saw can be found further down. He wields a Beast Cutter.
  • One Vermin can be obtained by slaying Ludwig with Valtr summoned, provided Valtr survives.
  • Another Vermin can be obtained in the same way by having Valtr survive the fight with Laurence.



  • Successful co-op session meaning being summoned as a Confederate. The host does not get one vermin after co-op session, you must be the Phantom.
  • There is currently a bug that will only count as +1 to the covenant, if you were to consume multiples of this item at once.
  • Was able to obtain Vermin in the first level of the first Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon, without wearing any runes. It was dropped by an enemy during a co-op session.
  • Seems like being summoned and defeating a boss with a Confederate still gives Vermin even with no Impurity equipped.
  • Despite Old Hunter Yamamura being a summonable Confederate for the fight with Living Failures you do not get a Vermin for successfully completing the fight with him. Could be a possible bug.





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    • Anonymous

      17 Aug 2021 19:40  

      Actually, you can get away with doing the quest with only three vermin! I've only ever done it this way. What I've found is:
      Crush the first vermin wherever, it matters not, and then speak to Valtr after having exhausted his dialogue. If you haven't done that yet, simply leave and come back, and his new dialogue will be there. Then, with the impurity rune equipped, crush a Vermin in front of him, and his dialogue will change again -- you don't have to leave and come back for this one. You can crush the third here too, and his dialogue will not change -- leave and come back, and the Master's One Eye Helm will be there, as will the Madaras Twin outside once it is picked up.
      I hope it works for others as it has worked for me.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jun 2021 14:08  

        How do you get these without DLC or PS+?
        Or is it a way to ensure you'll buy more things if you want the platinum trophy?

        • Anonymous

          10 Apr 2021 16:22  

          Possible tie to Sekiro? But Sekiro is set on Earth in medieval Japan. Perhaps the centipedes in Ashina are related to the Old Ones of Yharnam? Such creatures could presumably cross between worlds.

          • 02 Dec 2020 21:51  

            I didn't have the rune equipped and I summoned a couple people (my first time playing co-op. I didn't know multiple players could join) to help me with Shadow of Yharnam and I received a Vermin after the battle.

            • Anonymous

              06 Nov 2020 13:55  

              Hello everyone.
              I have no DLC and no PS+ right now, can I still get vermins?

              Else I cant get the achievement...

              • Anonymous

                26 Aug 2020 18:44  

                These really should give at least +1% to co op hp & stack at least 3x. That way they AND the co op rune are worth a damn.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Apr 2020 15:53  

                  If you invade and the beckoner is some tard camping at the lamp with 2 coop buttbois or pulls some other scrub stunts, use this on his corpse immediately after you've killed him. As sweet as victory is, the contempt that gesture communicates makes it even sweeter.

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Feb 2020 09:07  

                    Still playing bloodborne in 2020....anyone need coop just comment ur ps4 name and i gotcha. ps4 name:God_of_Rapture

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Apr 2019 18:32  

                      I had like 16 of these for some reason and never knew what they were used for and literally never went back to bucket head. Literally just crushed them in front of him a bit ago. I talked to him after crushing each one. Spoiler? Kinda. Found myself fighting a somewhat easy hunter at the lamp near bucket head. But I’m assuming he killed the good old bucket head man.. poor bucket head

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Apr 2019 04:23  

                        So, I don't have ps+ but I had obtained 4 of these in the DLC (3 from NPC drops and one from valtr surviving through the ludwig fight), and I knew you needed 5 to get valtr's helmet or whatever, and I also knew I could get my fifth from summoning valtr for laurence and having him survive that too, which was my plan, but then he died when I had almost killed laurence. I actually considered just intentionally dying too to try again but laurence had been giving me such a headache at that point I just said screw it and killed him to be done with it. Any way to get that fifth vermin without online?

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Dec 2018 04:21  

                          Not sure why, but I got one after fighting Father Gascoigne. First playthrough, no coop, came to the wiki page to see what this was. Weird.

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