Keys are items in Bloodborne designed to open doors, or grant passage to certain areas when they are held. Click on the other categories to quickly scroll to them.

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Key Name Key Usage Key Location

astral clocktower keyAstral Clocktower Key

Unlocks the gate to fight Lady Maria, of the Astral Tower The Old Hunters - Received after beating the living failures in the Research Hall.

balcony keyBalcony Key

Unlocks the door that's locked on the ground floor of the Research Hall. The Old Hunters - Adeline gives us the key when we give her the second brain fluid in the Research Hall.

cainhurst summonsCainhurst Summons

Grants access to Forsaken Castle Cainhurst. The Coach is triggered at the monument at Hemwick Crossing if you have killed the witches. In the Forbidden Woods village there's a hidden path near the dogs. Go through cave and the poison lake. Climb up the ladder and you will find a new way into the clinic. The summons is in this area.

celestial dialCelestial Dial

Use it in the area you fought Lady Maria to access the Fisher's Hamlet. The Old Hunters - Drops after killing Lady Maria in the Astral Clocktower.

eye pendantEye Pendant

Activates the elevator leading to the Research Hall after the two church hunters. The Old Hunters - Found on the flame-beast atop the Nightmare Grand Cathedral altar.

hunter chief emblemHunter Chief Emblem

Unlocks the main gate at the Great Cathedral. Sold by Bath Messenger for 10,000 Blood Echoes - Unlocks after killing the Cleric Beast.

iron door keyIron Door Key

Key to the iron gate locking the great midlevel bridge. Located in the basement in the second half of the Micolash, Host of the Nightmare boss fight.

laurences skullLaurence's Skull

Awakens the flame-beast atop the Nightmare Grand Cathedral altar. The Old Hunters - Found on the replacing altar after sending the Research Hall elevator up.

lecture theatre keyLecture Theatre Key

Key to the Lecture Theatre in the Lecture Building. Desk of the ampitheatre-looking room in Lecture Building.

lunarium keyLunarium Key

Unlocks the Lunarium in Byrgenwerth College. On a counter, up a ladder near the top of Byrgenwerth College.

oedon tomb keyOedon Tomb Key

Unlocks the gate to Cathedral Ward. Dropped by Father Gascoigne.

old hunter bellOld Hunter Bell

Allows players to summon allied NPCs at Old Hunters locations. Pick up from steps of Hunter's Dream after gaining one Insight.

orphange keyOrphanage Key

Unlocks the Orphanage. Dropped by a Brainsucker on the second floor in the Upper Cathedral Ward.

queenly%20flesh%20smallQueenly Flesh

Remains of Annalise, Vileblood Queen of Cainhurst. used to revive her at the Altar of Despair. Dropped by Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods.

Small Hair OrnamentSmall Hair Ornament

Give to the Plain Doll to receive the Tear Stone. Old Abandoned Workshop in a cabinet.

tonsil stoneTonsil Stone

Allows access to the Nightmare Frontier and Lecture Building 1st Floor through Amygdala (church building to right of Grand Cathedral.) Obtained by talking to Patches the Spider, who is pretending to be an npc that lives inside the house next to the caged dogs in the Forbidden Woods village.

underground cell keyUnderground Cell Key

Unlocks multiple doors in the prison before the two church hunters. The Old Hunters - Research Hall, must make a jump that's visible near a ladder in a dark room.

underground cell inner chamber keyUnderground Cell Inner Chamber Key

Unlocks the door to Brador's cell. The Old Hunters - Received at the Lighthouse Shack lamp from The Harrowed Hunter at the end of his quest.

unopened%20summons%20smallUnopened Summons

Old unopened summons, calling someone to Cainhurst. Located on a desk in Cainhurst Castle beside Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods.

upper cathedral keyUpper Cathedral Key

Key to the Upper Cathedral Ward door. Inside a locked cage in Yahar'gul Chapel.

yharnam stoneYharnam Stone

Proof of your victory against Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. Obtained by defeating Yharnam, Blood Queen of the Old Labyrinth.

Tools are items in Bloodborne that do not deplete with use, and can be used for specific purposes. The game lists them as consumables.

Name Use Acquired

blacksky eyeBlacksky Eye

Shoots a single arcane missile at an enemy Aquired by going through Adeline's quest line and receiving the Balcony Key. Once you aquire the key go to the door at the far end of the bottom floor of the Research Hall and open it. Go into the large Lumenflower area at the back middle of the area there will be a body that has the Blacksky Eye, but be warned: surrounding the body are many enemys that use the Blacksky Eye against you so bring some good arcane defense.

blood gem workshop toolBlood Gem Workshop Tool

Unlocks the ability to reinforce weapons with Blood Gems. Treasure in chest in the library area after Tomb of Oedon.

empty phantasm shellEmpty Phantasm Shell

Coats weapon with arcane damage for a limited time. (Unlimited uses, each use consumes 3 Quicksilver Bullets.)
Requirement: arcane 15
In a chest close to the lake entrance in Byrgenwerth.

executioners glovesExecutioner's Gloves

Summon wrathful Spirits. Requirement: arcane 15 Jump down the window on the second floor in the library in Cainhurst Castle, and it will be in a chest.

messengers%20giftMessenger's Gift

Enveloping black mist changes user into a messenger. Requirement: arcane 10 In the Nightmare Frontier, down in the swamp, guarded by one of the frenzy mages.


Used to zoom in and see across a distance. Found on corpse in Cathedral District, at balcony above Cleric Beast arena.

old hunter boneOld Hunter Bone

The art of of Quickening speeds up rolling and quicksteps. Requriement: arcane 15 Found in a chest in the Old Abandoned Workshop.
(Must have killed Blood Starved Beast to access.)

rune workshop toolRune Workshop Tool

Unlocks the ability to use Caryll Runes. Corpse in a small basement room, accessed from the room you fight the Witch of Hemwick.

tiny%20tonitrus%20smallTiny Tonitrus

Strike into the ground to emit blue sparks.  Requirement: arcane 25, Scaling: arcane S In the Unseen Village just before the Amygdala that fires a laser there's a gap in the railings to the right, the tool is in that area.

a call beyond detail iconA Call Beyond

Creates a small exploding star. Requirement: arcane 40 On balcony in Altar of Despair.

workshop haze extractorWorkshop Haze Extractor

Extract Arcane Haze from Ritual Materials. Found in a chest in the side area before the boss in Lower Pthumeru Chalice (2nd Layer)

beast roarBeast Roar

A beast roar that repels nearby foes and objects. Requirements: arcane 15 Near the hounds in cages in Forbidden Woods.

choir%20bell%20smallChoir Bell

Invigorates all cooperating parties, healing them. Requirement: arcane 15 In Nightmare of Mensis, in a chest in the optional area after killing Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, behind the locked Iron Door (use Iron Door Key) beyond the chained up Frenzy Brain and guarded by two spiders and a frenzy wench.

madaras whistleMadaras Whistle

Summons a giant snake from the Nightmare to your location. Requirements:18 Bloodtinge. Complete  Valtr's questline (or kill him) and kill the Madaras Twin in the Forbidden Woods.
short ritual root chalice Short Ritual Root Chalice Used to search for public Chalice Dungeons and requires no Ritual Materials  to use.
(updated text requested)
- Currently available through:
Messenger insight shop for 10 insight (it is stated in item main page that "after defeating the third layer boss in Central Pthumeru" however this needs to be confirmed)
- side note: (proof: V1.04 patch notes on this site or multiple user generated proof)
- Previously available through:
"Pthumerian Elder in Lower Hintertomb Chalice (Layer 3)"

Badges in Bloodborne are trophies that one acquires from defeating Bosses, completing quest-lines, joining a covenant or by finding them in the world. They allow the Hunter to acquire new gear from the Messengers.

Messenger Skins are special looks for the in-game Messengers in Bloodborne. You may obtain them based on your product purchase or as DLC, they are also found throughout the game world.

To equip Messenger Skins, in the Hunter's Dream, head to the top entrance of the house and take the path on the left where you will find a Stump Messenger that allows you to equip the Messenger Skins you've collected.

Name Location

red_messenger_ribbon.jpgRed Messenger Ribbon

Drops from Giant Pig in Central Yharnam sewers after returning the Red Jeweled Brooch or telling Viola's daughter about Oedon Chapel.

white_messenger_ribbon.jpgWhite Messenger Ribbon

Following Viola's daughter's questline, after obtaining Red Messenger Ribbon and killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider, go back to the house and give the sister the Red Messenger Ribbon (Warning: you will lose this item). Exhaust her dialogue and when loading this area again, you will find a corpse at the bottom of the ladder with the White Messenger Ribbon.

messenger_urn_festival.jpgMessenger Urn Festival

Above Oedon Chapel. Reached by the door that opens up in the Cathedral Ward after defeating the Blood-starved Beast. Exit the elevator through the opening between the floors.

black_messenger_hat.pngBlack Messenger Hat

In Cathedral Ward, from the lantern, go straight and head right up the stairs. After the gate, climb up the ladder on the right and drop down onto the rooftops where you will find a corpse with this item.

messenger_top_hat.pngMessenger Top Hat

Reached by the door that opens up in the Cathedral Ward after defeating the Blood-starved Beast. After the machine gun wheelchair, walk to the Healing Church Workshop and turn right, drop down the broken walkway then drop down onto the wooden beams where you will find this item on a corpse.

Worn_Messenger_Top_Hat.jpgWorn Top Hat

Available via the "Nightmare Edition" (EU Only) as DLC.
Also available in the "Limited Hunter Edition" (Japan Only)

Yharnam_messenger_hat.jpgYharnam Messenger Hat

Available via the "Limited Hunter Edition" (Japan Only) as DLC.

Messenger_Head_Bandage.jpgMessenger Head Bandage

Retailer pre-order DLC (also available via the "Limited Hunter Edition").

Bloody_Messenger_Head_Bandage.jpgBloody Messenger Head Bandage

In Old Yharnam, accessible by climbing up the first ladder to Djura and dropping to the right then performing a jump onto the wooden platform where this item is located on a corpse.

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