Hunter Tools are Items that function similarly to "Spells" in the Souls series. These items are unlimited use, and have special effects for combat and tactics. They consume either Quicksilver Bullets or Blood Bullets.



Hunter Tools


Name Description


Bullet Use







Accursed Brew

Throw a concoction of curses at foes. 2 30 S The Old Hunters DLC - after finishing the last boss or having the Milkweed Rune equiped, talk to the NPC at the Fishing Hamlet.

Beast Roar

Loud roar that repels nearby foes and objects. 2 15 -- In a house near the hound cages in the Forbidden Woods.


Blacksky Eye

Fires a meteor-shaped arcane projectile. 1 16 S The Old Hunters DLC
In the garden outside of theResearch HallviaBalcony Key.

Empty Phantasm Shell

Enhances weapon damage with arcane for a time. 3 15 -- In a chest close to the entrance of the lunarium in Byrgenwerth.

Executioner's Gloves

Summons wrathful spirits that lock onto a target. 3 20 S Forsaken Castle Cainhurst library.

Old Hunter Bone

The art of Quickening; speeds up rolls and quicksteps. 4 15 -- Found near a tombstone in the Old Abandoned Workshop.

Tiny Tonitrus

Unleashes blue lightning strikes in front of the caster. 6 25 S Yahar'gul, Unseen Village, found in a chest near the cell where the Upper Cathedral Key is found.

Choir Bell

Heals/removes various status inflictions in area of effect. 7 15 S Mergo's Loft Middle.

Augur of Ebrietas

Fires multiple tentacles from hand; knocks back a foe. Can stagger enemies from behind or when timed as a parry. 1 18 S Lecture Building


Madaras Whistle

Summons a giant and very hungry snake. 4 18 bloodtinge.jpg S bloodtinge.jpg Forbidden Woods, after killing Valtr, kill the NPC that spawns next to the lamp.
Forbidden Woods, crush 5 or more Vermin, exhaust Valtr's dialogue and reload the same area. Afterwards kill the hostile NPC that spawns next to the lamp.

Messenger's Gift

Transforms you into a messenger. 1 10 -- Nightmare Frontier.

A Call Beyond

Summons a small nova with multiple arcane projectiles. 7 40 S Upper Cathedral Ward, after you defeat the Celestial Emissary.

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    • Anonymous

      I cannot for the life of me understand why hunter's tools should need quicksilver bullets to function (as opposed to another resource or a different system). Other than to nerf Arcane-Bloodtinge builds, that is.

      • Anonymous

        would be cool if there were more bloodtinge tools instead of just madaras whistle. would make it more like souls magic system with int/faith but blood/arc instead. i get that guns scale with blood so it acts as a replacement but alas i wait for bloodborne 2

        • Anonymous

          If wasn't this wiki I will never found the Accursed Brew, the only tool of hunter that I don't have yet. Thx.

          • Anonymous

            Currently doing a hunter tool (no weapons) build. My recommendations for absolute must grabs are augur and executioner. Augur is solid damage as well as is able to backstab for SUBLIME damage. Executioner is decent long range damage to function as a (kind of pricey) better pebble (Yes, I played the whole game until forbidden woods fist only)

            • Anonymous

              Man, I was thinking it would have been awesome to get something like the hand that the rite keepers use to summon fireballs. All these pyromancer enemies in the game, and we never once learn how to summon fire. All we get are lame molotovs.

              • Anonymous

                An easy way to get the whistle is Afro Valtr and have him follow as you take the elevator down and he will follow to his death the same goes for the hunter when you reload the area

                • Anonymous

                  HOW CAN THIS GAME NOT GET PS4 PRO SUPPORT!!! IT IS LIKE KILLING AN ARTFORM!!! THE ALIASING IS TERRIBLE!!! If this HAD SUPPORT 4k native full stop; or 1440p w BETTER ANTI-ALIASING and betting frame rate would be FINE!! NO other graphical upgrades needed; just AA and resolution; and maybe FPS.. The game aesthetically is a WORK OF ART; ruined by the technology used.. SUPPORT PS4 PRO FROM SOFTWARE!!! YOU HAVE THE TIME!!!!!

                  • Anonymous

                    They really need to tone down the cost of some of these tools. Especially A Call Beyond and considering it's lack luster use outside of boss fights (and assuming they are weak to arcane). An arcane build is nearly impossible without massive investment in the vit stat to regen blood bullets. I'm hoping in future patches or dlc(?) that they would tone down the cost or atleast put a rune that lowers it so arcane builders can have something more than just high discovery. If their intent was to stop people from magic spamming, it worked

                    • Anonymous

                      Where do you actually see these in your inventory? Not an arcane user at all, so I never really thought about it until I saw the trophy. Now I just wanna see which ones I do and don't have

                      • Anonymous

                        I'm in NG+ and I went to pick it up, except I got a kin cold blood. I've never picked it up before. Does that mean I have to make a new character for it? -.-

                        • Anonymous

                          The Augur of Ebrietas is in the lecture building 1st floor. It is in a side room to the theatre with all the guys in it.

                          • Anonymous

                            3 of this tools disappear from my inventory, i dont think i have sell it but if i do, do i have to start a new game? i am in NG++

                            • Anonymous

                              In case anyone's wondering, or hasn't seen the trailer, there's a new arcane spell which seems to be of the same nature of soul arrows. Apparently it's shaped like an eyeball or something, and it doesn't cost too much to cast, but I can't find the article referencing it for the life of me. With the new Moonlight Sword and Fire Hammer arcane looks to be a lot more viable class. Hopefully that means more variety in PVP as well.

                              • Anonymous

                                This page is wrong, the one about the Whistle itself is right, could you please fix? You can just copy the thing. "Forbidden Woods, trade with Valtr or kill him. (Needs testing)" Is a prerequisite of the Whistle, it alone doesn't give it to you. Truth: You need to achieve the highest rank in the League (crush 5 vermin) for Valtr to die. After 5 Vermin, exhaust his conversation, and reload in the same area. Or kill him. The key here is just that Valtr dies, IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE NEXT STEP OF GETTING THE WHISTLE. "Forbidden Woods, crush 1 or more Vermin, awaken at the Forbidden Woods lamp and kill the invader." Wrong. Truth: There is no invader. After Valtr dies, a hostile NPC appears near the close-by Lantern (you have to reload the game to get Valtr's item). Once you kill him, you get the Whistle. He uses a Hunter's Axe with Fire Paper.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Its requirement is 16, not 15. It's listed properly on its individual item page, but it needs to be changed on the Hunter Tool list.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    You DO NOT have to have all items in your inventory at once, if you loot them and sell it you will still unlock the gold trophy for hunter tools. If you missed a item in your first playthrough you can get it again in NG+. This also applies to the hunter weapons trophy as well.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      New arcane hunter tool from dlc, Black sky eye 1 bullet per shot Located in the balcony section,on a chair in the middle

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Edit: Killing Valtr doesn't drop the whistle but i walked outside towards the lamp and an enemy had seemed to spawn and was using the whistle in the fight, kill him and he drops it. Also, be sure to have the vileblood rune on, you can get Blood Dregs from them.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I dont know if its a rare drop from the guy or how that works but i did kill him and he did not drop it, so may need to change the description on that.

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