Bloodstone Chunk is an upgrade Item in Bloodborne.

Blood Stone Chunk "A solid shard that forms in coldblood.

After death, some substances crystallise, but most simply harden and form blood stones.

At the workshop, these blood stones are embedded in weapons to fortify them."


Blood Stone Chunk Usage

  • Used to fortify Trick Weapons and Firearms. Chunks are needed to strengthen weapons from +7 to +9.
  • You will need 3 to get to +7, 5 to +8 and 8 to +9 for a total of 16






Farming Strategy

Can be farmed from the blue-eyed wearwolves near the first lamp of Upper Cathedral Ward with about a 1 in 8 drop rate with high discovery. It is recommended to use a weapon with long-reach that can attack through walls, ideally with fire runes equipped.

Videos of this strategy are available on YouTube.


Weapon Upgrade Quantity
+7 bloodstone chunk3 Blood Stone Chunks
+8 bloodstone chunk5 Blood Stone Chunks
+9 bloodstone chunk8 Blood Stone Chunks


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    • Anonymous

      I got yall. if you have sinister Pthumeru ihill use DZ48CMWR
      ez runs. first boss is Big boar, he drops 0-2.
      close chalice, rinse and reap.

      • Anonymous

        If you have at least 350-360 Discovery, these can be farmed fairly easily in Cainhurst Castle by killing all of the Gargoyles every run through and using Bold Hunter's Marks to respawn. You can either take the elevator up on the right of the spawn lamp, or simply run past everything the long way; both options are perfectly fine and take similar amounts of time. The Gargoyles are easy to kill and have fairly good drop chances with minimum danger. If your Discovery is low, you can equip Eye Runes to boost it (+50, +75, +100 respectively). +50 Eye Rune can be acquired in the Nightmare of Mensis area, +75 Eye Rune can be acquired from killing Master Willem (the old guy in the rocking chair in Byrgenwerth right before Rom), and +100 Eye rune can be acquired easily from an online Chalice Glyph, code: p2tbyrh2. There's a youtube video up on how to get there from the starting lamp. Video is called "Early Tier 3 Eye Rune" by Shinku no Yami. You can equip all 3 runes simultaneously if you wish, or any combination if you don't want to get all 3. I have the +75 and +100 Eye runes, and just raise my Arcane instead of going further to get the +50. Good luck

        • Anonymous

          “Rare drop from the Giant in the Lecture Building.” — where is this giant? I've only seen watery scholars in the Lecture building…

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