Yahar'Gul Set

Physical DEF 280 bolt DEF 160
Strike Defense 250 slow poison RES 108
VS. thrust 220 rapid poison RES 90
blood DEF 210 frenzy RES 99
arcane DEF 160 beasthood 86
fire DEF 150  

Yahar'gul Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne.


Yahar'Gul Set Information

"Iron helmet worn by hunters of the Unseen Village.
Removing the hood reveals something reminiscent of a warrior of a previous age.
This headwear is made of metal, a rarity for hunter garb, and has high defense, but only against physical attacks."

"Thick black pullover/gloves/trousers worn by hunters of the Unseen Village.
The hunters of Yahar'gul answer to the village's founders, the School of Mensis. Hunters in name only, these kidnappers blend into the night wearing this attire.
Designed primarily to defend from physical attacks, the binding of thick rope serves both to protect its wearer, and restrain his foes."



Yahar'gul Set Location

  • Leave the building with the Hypogean Gaol lamp, then go right and down the stairs. The set is on a body sitting on the front of a wagon on the right side of the path. Be warned that a Maneater boar guards this set.
  • A secondary head piece is located within Yahar'gul, Unseen Village after defeating Rom the Vacuous Spider. From the dark cathedral (with the same Amygdala that takes you to the nightmare frontier) go down the stars and continue to the lamp. Proceed down the stairs and take a right, continue down the stairs. There is a fountain with an item on it, this is the secondary head piece, be noted there's a wheelchair enemy directly to the left of the fountain who will fire if you aren't quick in grabbing the helm.
  • This set is still available during hunters nightmare if you forgot to get it before, just take the elevator to the right of the first lantern and jump off half way. Take the portal in the room on your right than continue straight to the bell ringer. Go down the ladder and off the cart towards the boss, go the other way instead and fight past the creatures till you find the cart and a few bodies with madams skulls. The man sitting on the cart will be holding the set.



Notes and Trivia

  • Features excellent physical defense.
  • Some of the executioners from the Huntsman's Copse in Dark Souls 2 wore the Iron Yahar'gul helm.
  • It is possible to acquire the set (minus the secondary head gear) before killing Rom. Head into Old Yharnam and defeat the Blood Starved Beast, after doing this, kidnapper enemies will appear around the world, the quickest being right outside Cathedral Ward. Allow the kidnapper to kill you, this will launch a cutscene which reveals you've been taken to Hypogean Gaol as prisoner. Simply escape your cell and proceed the instructions above to acquire the set early.



Yahar'Gul Set Pieces

Black Hooded Iron Helm 60 40 10 20 20 30 20 13 12 12 8
Iron Yahar'gul Helm 60 40 10 20 20 30 10 5 7 9 12
Yahar'gul Black Garb 110 90 90 80 60 40 60 45 37 41 37
Yahar'gul Black Gloves 50 60 60 50 40 40 40 24 20 22 20
Yahar'gul Black Trousers 60 60 60 60 40 40 40 26 21 24 21
  Totals (w/ Black Hooded Iron Helm) 280 250 220 210 160 150 160 108 90 99 86
  Totals (w/ Iron Yahar'gul Helm) 280 250 220 210 160 150 150 100 85 96 90



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    • Anonymous

      05 Jan 2019 22:26  

      It looks cool but its stats are mediocre or poor apart from physical or slow poison. Better off just using one part of the set and then going for others like henryk's, ashen, charred hunter sets etc, its fairly useless once you have old hunter set though.

      • Anonymous

        29 Jun 2018 14:27  

        If you mix the armor with different pieces of the ashen set and yahar'gul set and white church set you can have a pretty well rounded armour set, with the only defenses lower than 200 being arcane fire and bolt, still being close to 200

        • Anonymous

          12 Aug 2016 15:37  

          Does anyone agree that this helm listed above looks like a helm worn by a type of gladiator? Also does anyone know the name of that gladiator? because I forgot.

          • Anonymous

            05 Jul 2016 08:34  

            After killing Rom it is still possible to get the set. You'll just have to take a bit of hike through yahar'gul to get it.

            • Anonymous

              05 Jul 2016 08:34  

              The yahar'gul set is listed as "church attire" in the storage box, rather than "other" now this raises many questions in my head, any ideas?

              • Anonymous

                05 Jul 2016 08:34  

                this excellent armor set reminds one of the NPC in undead purgatory (DaS2)... funny enough, he allows you to join the brotherhood of the... blood :) a pretty clear connection/allusion to BB i'd say. FromSoft was pretty much working at BB and DaS2 aat the same time

                • 05 Jul 2016 08:34  

                  This armour can be aquired early in the game after defeating the blood starved beast head back to the cathedral ward then go out the door the is opposite of the bonfire to the area where you find the crown huntress then go to the right kill the church man then go to the item to your right there will be an enemy with a bag allow him to kill you then once you are in the ghaol head phones the stars to the lamp don't warp out instead head out the front door to the unseat city go to your right down the stairs. There will be a boar kill it and keep going. On one of the corpses down there you will find it. PA therected areally a few dogs so be wary.

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