Yahar'gul Chapel

The One Reborn
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Yahar'gul Chapel is a location in Bloodborne.
For the Bright Moon or Far Moon stage, see Hypogean Gaol.

Yahar'gul Chapel Information

Part of Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. Situated beneath the laser-firing Amygdala.

NPCs in the area

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    • Anonymous

      Hate this area so much, it's been the only area of this game that made me quit for months to play other stuff. The buffed dogs, shooters and the THREE hunters were so frustrating to deal with plus a gimmicky weird boss idk man, I hope it picks up from here

      • Anonymous

        After fighting the 3 hunters in the jail, has anyone noticed a 4th enemy slowly walk in through the front door of the jail? He seemed larger than the hunters and was definitely not a snatcher. I was too in awe watching him walk down the stairs below me to approach him. After going down to see where he went, he was gone.

        • Anonymous

          those hunters are impossible to deal with by yourself, so i'd suggest pulling them and running back to the lamp (not the broken one, the chapel one). bait and pull them back and you'll likely end up facing the hunters one on one, far easier to handle those odds.

          • Anonymous

            Easiest way to kill all three hunters , is to go to where the bag guy transported you before (ie the last floor)(optional you must not trigger them yet , kill the monster there to make it an easier run), afterwards go back to the hunter on the stairs, trigger him , and make a run back to the cell , close the door behind you and wail on them behind the bars using the whip, its cheesy but it works! also dont stay too close to the bars!

            • Anonymous

              Anyone know what items the hunters drop? Does one of them just drop a couple of bullets? I killed all 3 but died after killing the second before I could retrieve his stuff, I then found a few bullets by the gate and now I'm curious if I missed something like another rune or if it's no big deal.

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