Upper Cathedral Ward

upper cathedral ward
Bosses Celestial Emissary
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Co op Allowed? Yes
PvP Allowed? Yes
Changes in NG+? Yes/No

Upper Cathedral Ward is a location in Bloodborne.

Upper Cathedral Ward Information

  • Upper Cathedral Ward is an area after Healing Church Workshop.
  • To access Upper Cathedral Ward you'll need the Upper Cathedral Key, which is found in the following way:
    • From the Yahar'gul Chapel lamp, turn around and run up the stairs to where the old ladies are. Along the left side of this plateau, you'll see a hole in the fence. Carefully jump down to the platform below. Once on the platform look for a door. Enter and you'll find yourself in a darkened room with a cage below. Look for a hole in the fence and jump down into the cage. On the body inside you'll find the Upper Cathedral Key.
    • Once you have the key, go to Cathedral Ward. From the lamp post, take the door to the right and travel up the elevator. Climb the tower, and at the very top you'll find a door. Use the key to gain access to Upper Cathedral Ward.


NPCs in the area

  • Immobile Statue: Teaches Make Contact gesture. Not a real NPC per se though.
  • Many enemies, it's well protected by Brainsuckers and beasts.









To access Upper Cathedral Ward you need to find the Upper Cathedral Key which is found in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. When you have the key, head to the top of Healing Church Workshop and open the previously locked door.

When you first enter, head up the steps infront of you and kill the first Celestial Larvae enemy. Carry on heading up the stairs. You'll come to a gate and a bridge, pick up the Blue Elixir from the body then head down the bridge. Through the fog, two Church Doctors will approach you. Up here they're stronger than down in the normal Cathedral Ward, so be careful, but treat them the same as you would any other time. Once they're dead you'll reach the first area lamp.

Past the lamp, carry on up the stairs and you'll come out to a semi-circular area, patrolled by many Celestial Larvae mobs. Go right first, kill your way through the group and pick up the Great Lake rune at the dead end. Back track and head down the left path. Before you go up the stairs, go past them and kill the Carrion Crows who are guarding a body with a Frenzied Coldblood. Once you've picked it up, head up the stairs. You'll see a bonfire ahead of you and another Church Doctor at the top of the stairs. This one is carrying a pretty big flame imbued scythe, so be careful of how you attack him. If you pull him down the stairs you can get him to walk through the bonfire which can shave a bit of HP off him. No matter how you deal with him, head up the stairs and prepare to be very quiet.

At the top of the stairs you'll walk into a dark room with the unmistakeable sound of a Brainsucker. Creep up behind him and take him out. Make sure to pick up the Choir Set before you head out into the corridor. If you go to the right you'll see a body up ahead which has a Madman's Knowledge on it, but be careful as it is a trap. When you approach the body a Wolf Beast will burst through the window. Note that he has blue eyes instead of the normal red, the wolf beasts in this area are amped up compared to those you've fought before, so be prepared to parry, backstep and if you need to, run into the room where the brainsucker was as he can't get through the door.

Once the beast is down, head back to the other end of the corridor as you can't get through the door next to where the wolf burst in. Open the door and you'll find yourself on a balcony above the main hall. When you head down the stairs three of the suped up wolf beasts will fall from the ceiling and destroy the chandelier. As a jump scare, this works, as a device that makes the fight harder, it's even more effective as now there is very little light in the room. Pull the beasts one at a time and down them all. Alternatively, lure them to the door so they can't go through it and sweep them with Burial Blade charge attack since it can go through walls and knock down the Wolf Beasts. Patrolling on the left side of the room will be another wolf beast and hiding around the right will be a brainsucker. Clear the area then head to the rear of the room on the right side. Going down the tight corridor here will net you the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge. At the locked main door is a body with some Ritual Blood. Head back to the other side of the hall and head down the tight corridor with the Scurrying Beast at the end. DO NOT chase it. Hiding in the room at the end of the corridor is another brainsucker, so going after the scurrying beast will most likely cost you some insight. Kill the brainsucker and head up the ladder.

When you reach the top of the ladder you'll be out on a balcony with a brainsucker standing looking out over the room (creep up and charge attack him, easy kill) and if you cross the balcony and kill the brainsucker standing at the stairs down you'll be able to open a shortcut back to this point next to where the wolf beast burst in. Killing these brainsuckers will cause one of them to drop the Orphanage Key. Open the doors on the balcony and you'll see a statue striking a pose. Interact with it and you'll learn the Make Contact gesture. For now, you're done here so head back down to the bottom of the hall. You can now open the enormous doors here.

You'll come out in a conservatory with a lever in it. Pull the lever and open a shortcut back to the lamp, now if you die you can run straight up from the lamp and past the Celestial Larvae enemies. Pick up the Frenzied Coldblood, then head up the stairs and follow the path round. Half way down you'll encounter a Celestial Mob on his own. Consider this a warning for the next section. When you enter the next room you'll trigger the Celestial Emissary boss fight.

Video Walkthrough

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(Work in progress!)


  • The Choir was one of 3 divisions in the Healing Church, with the other being the Church itself and the School of Mensis (Needs Confirmation).
  • The Choir were founded after finding the Augur of Ebrietas, a phantasm and augur of the left behind Great One Ebrietas.  Their objective was to make contact with these beings using these phantasms.
  • Members of the Choir were set to "explore the cosmos" and had a fascination of it as well (as seen in the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge.)
  • The Choir may have been able to make contact with Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos, or the abandoned Great One.
  • The Choir have made contact with Celestial Beings and harvested them and their larvae in order to continue their pursuit of the Eldritch Truth (Hence the creation of the Oprhanage and why the larvae deal Frenzy attacks).
  • As seen in the Old Hunters DLC, The Choir were responsible for experimenting on paitients rather harshly in the pursuit to "gain eyes" or more insight so that they can make contact with the Great Ones (as seen throughout the Research Hall).  As a result, Blue Elixir  was created to calm down the paitients, or numb their brain completely, so that they may bear the pain of the Eldritch Truth (Frenzy overload).
  • The Choir may also have been involved with the "violation" of the small town of Fishing Hamlet in the Old Hunters DLC (as seen in the Accursed brew), who were using the cover of "Bergynwerth Scholars" or students of Willem (when talking to the first wanderer in Fishing Hamlet, he curses the scholars of Bergynwerth, and the Choir wore a blindfold cap as a tribute to Willem).
  • The Choir was the highest rank in the Healing Church, they were the most insightful and dwelled very deep into the Arcane (hence why the Bergynwerth Choir Hunter can use multiple Calls Beyond to attack you).
  • There is no answer to why there is a Choir member at Bergynwerth, or why it chooses to attack you immediately.  She could've gone mad from the Arcane, or she is probably protecting either Willem, or something in Bergynwerth.
  • The Choir were not too successful in their endeavors to make contact with the Great Ones nor find the Eldritch Truth, yet were able to create many strong weapons using the phantasms instead, such as the Empty Phantasm Shell, the Augur of Ebrietas, and A Call Beyond.



  • The is one of the few areas in the game with a persistent musical score as you work through the level.
  • Before the 1.07 patch, You can stab the brainsucker through the door
  • BUT, They did not fix this completely, you can attack through the wall with a medium range weapon to lure them near the wall and continue attacking them until you get the Orphanage Key


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