physical_atk.jpgPhysical Damage

blood_atk.jpgBlood Damage

arcane_atk.jpgArcane Damage

fire_atk.jpgFire Damage

bolt_atk.jpgBolt Damage

slow_poison.jpgSlow Poison Damage

rapid_poison.jpgRapid Poison Damage

VS_kin.jpgDamage vs Kin Enemies

VS_beasts.jpgDamage vs beast Enemies


qs_bullet_use.jpgQuicksilver Bullet Use

strength.jpgStrength Requirement

skill.jpgSkill Requirement

bloodtingue.jpgBloodtinge Requirement

arcane.jpgArcane Requirement

N - Regular version of weapon
U - Uncanny version of Weapon
L - Lost Version of Weapon
Location - Where to find each version
trick_weapons.png Right Hand Weapons
firearms.png Left Hand Weapons

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