The Suspicious Beggar is an NPC that can be sent to Iosefka's Clinic or Oedon Chapel.
Description: The Suspicious Beggar is first discovered, breathless, standing above several mauled bodies. He asks the Hunter if they were responsible for killing the Wold Beast below the balcony, then thanks them and asks if they know of any safe placed. The Suspicious Beggar is a massive Abhorrent Beast in disguise. If sent to Oedon Chapel, he will slowly murder each of the NPCs that the Hunter sends there. If attacked, he will transform into his true form. It is advised to fight him on the Balcony in the Forbidden Woods, as the Hunter can exploit the small doorway connecting it to the building and attack with impunity. The poison daggers you get right before this area apply after one throw (at least in new game), so they can be an efficient way of killing him. He stlll gives the Beast Rune drop if attacked on the balcony.


The Suspicious Beggar can be found in the Forbidden Woods, on the balcony of the building which has an elevator shortcut to the lamp. He can be found by dropping down from one of the windows and defeating a Wolf Beast, then climbing up a ladder and traversing the gears where one can find the Cannon.


Beast Rune (Strong)

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    • Anonymous

      In my game after defeating Rom, the beggar at my church has gone missing. He hadn't killed anyone in my chapel, I would say who but in case someone sees this and doesn't want a spoiler I won't say who but someone else has basically killed everyone else in the chapel. He just literally disappeared after the Rom fight no sign of him being killed or anything, any idea what happened to him or where he has gone?

      • Anonymous

        if i can remember in demon souls you could free a suspicious man and let him into the nexus this man was called yurt and overtime he slowly murdered everyone at the nexus ( the hub world of demons souls)

        • Anonymous

          After beating him on the roof and only recieving an insight item, it might be that he only drops the rune killing him at the church. However I DO have the rune and am on NG+ so its possible he just doesn't drop it a second time. (Level two beast for records sake)

          • He stands outside the chapel at the left exit and start with killing old lady then the npc who ask you to send people to the chapel after that, i dont know i killed him that time and he dropped the beast rune. He is easy to cheese with ludwigs holy blade the beast wil not enter the chapel and you can strong attack him without getting hit. sorry for the bad english.

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