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Date Suggestion By (Include contact if you have forum/wiki/other accounts)
12/14/15 I've often found it frustrating to try to use glyphs for finding Chalice Dungeon items, only to finding out that I don't have all the necessary rites or that the glyph is expired or something like that. Could we get a better standard for notating glyph data, like including the date of the glyph's addition to the wiki page, or exactly what rites are necessary. I know some pages include stuff like this, but a lot of them don't.
Maybe a dedicated page for all community-given glyphs would be useful, and they could link to their respective pages to automatically update those as well (e.g. - let's say I find a glyph for a dungeon with a Logarius' Lost Wheel in it; I go to the dedicated page, add an entry to a table of locations for all dungeon versions of Logarius' Wheel, and the change automatically gets reflected on the main page for Logarius' Wheel).

- Fexelea lg Fexelea Dec 15, 2015 We have some dedicated community glyph pages, these are now obsolete due to the common glyph introduced: Official Wiki Chalices. There's also Shared Chalice Dungeons, which can be ctrl+f for loot. Perhaps we can add the weapons ones here? Create a chart?
- SullyStalker lg SullyStalker
4/10/15 I was checking a glyph for the Hunter Axe earlier and discovered that there is a secondary page and category hosting only a copy of this weapon. The entry is not very complete, nor is it necessary. I moved over the relevant information for the Uncanny glyph to the proper page and formatting, but there is no way for a user such as myself to remove the pages. I believe it would be easiest to simply have someone in a position of power remove both of the unnecessary pages to prevent future confusion.
- ManatuBear lg ManatuBear Thanks, both pages deleted. Next time you can just press the "..." button and pick "Tags" and add the Tag "Deleteme" so the pages are listed automatic in the Todo List.
- Kabutak lg Kabutak
Today's Date We need a page for gifs! - Fexelea lg Fexelea Feb 17, 2015
3/27/15 IRC: The Chatango box is extremely chaotic for the amount of traffic your page receives, and a devoted IRC may be a better option, with dedicated rooms for areas/topics, and I or somebody else may be able to create a bot for questions in the chat - bluewolf1257 lg bluewolf1257 Feb 17, 2015
4/23/15 I'd like to help translate the Bloodborne wiki to Portuguese, since theres none. How could I do that? There's no explanation about that anywhere. I know this is not a suggestion, but it's the only place I can post about this.
- Fexelea lg Fexelea Apr 23, 2015 We actually didn't set a Portuguese wiki yet. If you'd like to undertake this, send me an email ( and we can talk in detail, it's a lot of work but we can do it :D
- daedalussdr lg daedalussdr
5/12/2015 The mention of Gehrman using the Burial Blade and unobtainable blunderbuss should be moved to the boss page, as he does not hold them while he is friendly.
- Fexelea lg Fexelea May 13, 2015 Done, Thank you!
5/29/2015 The Lecture Building Page:
The Lore Notes section only has "Three" in it. The notes I have recorded going through here are:
1) “Three third umbilical cords.”
2) “Hunt the Great Ones. Hunt the Great Ones.”
3) “Master Willem was right. Evolution without courage will be the ruin of our race.”

4) “The nameless moon presence beckoned by Laurence and his associates. Paleblood.”

I've seen notes like these listed under this section on the Yahar'Gul, Hypogean Gaol etc pages, so should they be added here?
  • - Fexelea lg Fexelea May 29, 2015 Hi! There are several mistakes like this on different pages, please feel free to edit to make everything accurate and complete!
9/5/2015 For the reapers the strategy suggests you attack its legs to do the visceral on it. Which i found wrong, they only can drop to the stance for a visceral when they take enough damage after they do their heavy long range slam. You gotta hit them right when the blood erupts from their bone exposed knee, a r1 attack usually does just enough to make the opening for the visceral. Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      I suggest that we should add a beatles song to every page as they are the best band in the world and that we also clap, clap, clap your hands. Everybody. Clap, clap, clap your hands. Cha cha real smooth.

      • Anonymous

        I've put together an armor optimiser in Google Sheets. The first tab allows you to mix and match items from any sets, using data from the last tab (protected). Feel free to use this resource for the wiki if you think it might add value.

        • A ritual I conducted has created a dungeon which possesses the Uncanny Stake Driver. It is a Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice with the "Fetid" and "Rotted" offerings. The chest containing this item is located in a bonus room past the boss gate on layer 3. The glyph for this dungeon is: gkcy4tms. I believe this will be useful for the Stake Driver weapon page.

          • Anonymous


            • Pages like NPCs, Bosses and Enemies should utilize tables to keep it all in order instead of producing stretched or squashed content when images or other things are missing.

              • Anonymous

                The Church cannon is grayed out in the section about the Research Hall. It can be found underneath the elevator leading to the research hall. Let it go up and jump off quickly so the platform with Laurence's skull comes up. Then pull the handle and quickly jump on the platform to go down. It's in a chest there.

                • Anonymous

                  So pretty much everywhere, including official guides and sources, calls the big dudes first found in the Cathedral Ward 'Church Giants'. On this site they are incorrectly named 'Reapers'. Please change, as this is confusing.

                  • Anonymous

                    I love the information contained in your Bloodborne Wiki, but the site is so needlessly heavy that if I keep it open in the background and try to use my computer for anything else, it's slow. (My computer is a quad-core i7 with 16 gigs of RAM, so it's not a hardware problem. :) It singlehandedly pegs one of my CPU cores and makes the fans run at max, even when it's in the background. Reloads sometimes stall, and it looks like it's related to some bad behavior with websockets. And god forbid I try to open more than one page in another tab. The frustrating part is, none of this extra junk makes the site any better. (It actually makes it worse!) If I want info on a drop, I don't want to auto-load and watch a YouTube video of someone playing some game I've never heard of. I don't need a chat channel loading in the background, sending messages back and forth that I'll never read or even see. I don't need two different share widgets; I barely need one. At the very least, you could make the heavy parts of these resources load on click, so they wouldn't burden the vast majority of your visitors who don't even use them. It would save you on bandwidth costs as well, and probably solve the server capacity issues you seem to be having. The HTML content of the average wiki page on your site is probably about 5 KB. According to Chrome Inspector, the page I tested transferred 2.5 MB of data in the first 20 seconds it was open. That's a 1:500 signal-to-noise ratio. 99.8% of the bandwidth you're consuming, you're filling with garbage. Not to mention all the CPU cycles you're needlessly wasting on the machines of everyone who visits your page.

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