Spider Covenant is the tentative name for an unconfirmed covenant in Bloodborne.

  • Location: Unknown
  • How to Join: Unknown; Patches the Spider's dialogue drops possible hints, but he may not be the covenant leader.
  • Leader: Unknown
  • Special Items: Unknown
  • Caryll Rune of the Covenant: Unknown
  • Rewards: Unknown

Spider Covenant Theory / Notes

  • On the second floor of the Lecture Hall there is a spot where you can place your One Third of Umbilical Cord parts. It is unknown what effect this will have, but due to it's location it could involve Patches, Amygdala, or have another effect somewhere in the nightmare.
  • In-game dialogue suggests that those in spider form have been transformed by the great ones, presumably Amygdala and the rest of her kind, since Patches worships her and has the same form as the other human spider mobs you see in Mergo's Loft. This points to a likely connection between Patches, the transformed worshippers, and Micolash.
  • Micolash says, "As you once did for the vacuous Rom, grant us eyes, grant us eyes," Rom being The Vacuous Spider boss of Byrgenwerth. One can infer from this that Rom was once human, and turned into a spider. This indicates another possible connection, between Rom and the great one worshippers.
  • Patches instructs you to "take the plunge," and to reach Rom's boss area you must jump into a lake. The player can speak to Patches before reaching Rom, so this may be what he's referring to. Patches' own dialogue paints him as a servant rather than a covenant leader, so perhaps he's telling you to go see Rom. This would explain why Rom isn't hostile when you first encounter him.
  • It is confirmed that using the Make Contact gesture on the Mother Brain (which according to the description of Living String is a great one) will result in a reaction. Unconfirmed as to whether or not this will have an effect on Rom. Should anyone test this on any great ones, keep in mind that the reaction may not be immediate, since it takes roughly 30 seconds for Mother Brain to respond.

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