Hunter Tools are Items that function similarly to "Spells" in the Souls series. These items are unlimited use, and have special effects for combat and tactics. They consume either Quicksilver Bullets or Blood Bullets. A wiki-approved video of each "spell" can be found here ( - Fexelea Fexelea Apr 8, 2015).

bulletuse.jpgBullet Use


Accursed Brew

Throw a concoction of curses at foes.
The Old Hunters DLC - after finishing the last boss, talk to the NPC at the Fishing Hamlet.

external image r9TacRU.jpg

Beast Roar

Loud roar that repels nearby foes and objects.
In a house near the hound cages in the Forbidden Woods.


Blacksky Eye

Fires a meteor-shaped arcane projectile.
The Old Hunters DLC -
In the garden outside of theResearch HallviaBalcony Key.

external image uyFob1a.jpg

Empty Phantasm Shell

Enhances weapon damage with arcane for a time.
In a chest close to the entrance of the lunarium in Byrgenwerth.

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Executioner's Gloves

Summons wrathful spirits that lock onto a target.
Forsaken Castle Cainhurst library.

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Old Hunter Bone

The art of Quickening; speeds up rolls and quicksteps.
Found near a tombstone in the Old Abandoned Workshop.

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Tiny Tonitrus

Unleashes blue lighting strikes in front of the caster.
Yahar'gul, Unseen Village, found in a chest near the cell where the Upper Cathedral Key is found.

external image kAsqmrH.jpg

Choir Bell

Heals/removes varius status inflictions in area of effect.
Mergo's Loft Middle.

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Augur of Ebrietas

Fires multiple tentacles from hand; knocks back a foe.
Lecture Building


Madaras Whistle

Summons a giant and very hungry snake.
18 bloodtinge.jpg
S bloodtinge.jpg
Forbidden Woods, trade with Valtr or kill him. (Needs testing)
Forbidden Woods, crush 1 or more Vermin, awaken at the Forbidden Woods lamp and kill the invader.

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Messenger's Gift

Transforms you into a messenger.
Nightmare Frontier.

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A Call Beyond

Summons a small nova with multiple arcane projectiles.
Upper Cathedral Ward, after you defeat the Celestial Emissary.

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    • Anonymous

      16 Jun 2020 02:52  

      Some of this info is really real but alot is a bull*****game.. sounds fun.. but to us real practitioners finding sites like this it makes me laugh if some of you only knew

      • Anonymous

        05 Apr 2019 18:38  

        @the anon from 3/29/19 I agree with you completely. Bloodborne is an incredibly fun game. Not sure why the other guy doesn't enjoy it.

        • Anonymous

          29 Mar 2019 18:36  

          @the anon from 3/17/19: I'm honestly going to ask you, for you, please continue to play. This game is truly amazing, you'd be missing out on SO much. This game is special to me, it gave me so much right after my mom passed, I'm honestly grateful i had this to distract me so much. Idk what it is that's turning you off, but if you liked the dark souls games, i can guarantee you'll like BB. The combat is just quicker, to offset that you can get hp back by attacking soon after you take damage. It's a mechanic called rallying. There's just such good level design and lore/story. The weapons are all really cool and genuinely fun to use to the point that you could ACTUALLY do a new playthrough for each weapon. Arcane meaningfully scales up to 99 on spells (hunter tools), just so you know. 50 for arcane weapon scaling. Bloodtinge makes guns actually do damage, so they won't just be to parry, and a lot of weapons have bliidtinge scaling. Chalice dungeons are really fun, i personally feel like you should do them as soon as possible (once you get the materials), but i know some pvers don't like the difficulty. An option is to wait till after beating Mergo's loft as there are good bloodgems there to make your weapons stronger to take on the chalices, but if you do that the depth (difficulty rank) 1-3 chalices will be pointless, i find it's more enjoyable to go with the higher difficulty and reap the benefits early as this is when you'll get any benefit from depth 1-3 chalices. Doing your chalices alongside your pve makes the game feel more full and you really see an increase in power when you go into them, pve just doesn't give you as good gems till the frontier and really mergo's loft. These are just a few things I've seen beginners not understand that irritated them, hopefully it helped?

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