Side Quests in Bloodborne are optional objectives that can be triggered as specific events have progressed. This is an overview of all side quests ordered by the events you need to solve them completely. Many of them can be completed earlier by choosing different options, see NPCs and Survivors pages for more Information.

Event Task Quest
Clinic left At the first lantern talk to Gilbert. Gilbert
Clinic left In Central Yharnam enter the building near the Lonely Old Woman, destroy barrels to the right, run right on the top floor take the exit right, talk to Eileen. Eileen
Clinic left Enter the sewers near the bridge to Cleric Beast, follow the sewers until you need to jump down to these creeping enemies, climb up the long ladder there, go left over the bridge, defeat the enemy and climb up the ladder, talk to her. Young Yharnam Girl
Father Gascoine killed Return to Gilbert, talk to him. Gilbert
Father Gascoine killed Talk to Oedon Chapel Dweller and Iosefka again, then rescue villagers or send them to the clinic (see below). Rescue villagers
Father Gascoine killed/Talked to Oedon Chapel Dweller Return to Young Yharnam Girl, give her the Red Jeweled Brooch or send her to Oedeon Chapel, reload the area so that you don't get at answer at her window anymore, kill the pig in the sewers. Young Yharnam Girl
Cathedral Ward entered On the way to Old Yharnam leave the church with tomb entrance to Old Yharnam on the 2nd floor and talk to Alfred. Alfred
Old Yharnam entered Don't kill Djura (Old Yharnam machine gun guy) Djura
Gate to Grand Cathedral opened (at Cathedral Ward lamp exit straight ahead, then to the right upstairs) At Cathedral Ward lamp exit straight ahead, turn left, talk to her. Before returning to Tomb of Oedon and help her better reload the area, otherwise she isn't in fight, don't know if this has consequences (don't hit her too often while helping :)). Eileen
Dark Beast Paarl killed/Getting killed by Dark Beast Paarl Return to Djura from behind without him noticing you (from Darkbeast Paarl fighting ground or Good Chalice lantern reloaded), talk to him, spare him. He is friendly after Darkbeast Paarl is engaged, killing Bloodstarved Beast and returning from there is not enough. Djura
Amelia killed Talk to Alfred on way to Forbidden Woods. Alfred
Tonsil Stone received/Forbidden Woods entered Talk to Patches in Lecture Building 1st floor. Patches
Nightmare Frontier entered Getting kicked by Patches. Patches
Martyr Logarius killed Equip the Crown of Illusions, kneel in front of her (take Queenly Flesh to revive her if you killed her), talk to her. Annalise
Annalise found Take Unopened Summons Letter, deliver this summons to Alfred near the Forbidden Woods entrance, return to Annelise (take Queenly Flesh to revive her), return to Alfred's first Location. Alfred
Rom killed Return to Gilbert and fight him. Gilbert
Rom killed Return to Grand Cathedral where you killed Amelia, help her again. Eileen
Rom killed Young Yharnam Girl's sister will appear in Young Yharnam Girl's window, talk to her sister and give her the Red Messenger Ribbon, reload the area and go down the ladder for the White Messenger Ribbon. Young Yharnam Girl
Enter Lecture Building 2nd floor Kill the giant with flaming hands and go down the ladder to Lecture Building 1st Floor. Talk to patches, spare him(?). Patches


NPCs which can be sent to Cathedral Ward or Iosefka's Clinic
Lonely Old Woman In Central Yharnam, just after the area with the dogs in cages, over the bridge with one barking dog in front of her.

From Cathedral Ward lantern exit left, then right up the stairs, after the gate where you need the emblem turn left, run down the stairs then go left. Don't take her blood if you want One Third of Umbilical Cord from her Baby later. She only moves if you have killed Bloodstarved Beast, Amelia or the Witch of Hemwick.

If you decide to make use of her blood, do not take her blood more than 2 times, if you do, Adella the nun will kill her (jealousy?)

Skeptical Man Across Arianna's window, after talking to Arianna, talk to him, he will do the opposite of what you tell him to do. He only moves if Arianna has moved.
Adella the nun Hypogean Gaol, after getting kidnapped by Snatcher, talk to her with a chest piece representing the Healing Church.
Suspicious Beggar In Forbidden Woods, on top of the big house near the shortcut to the lantern. If sent to Oedon Chapel he will kill the others.


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    • Anonymous

      Did anyone knew that if you use the hug of the beast caryll rune and the beast claws you will get free blood peblets and your beast claws will have different and better attacks than the beast claws with no rune.
      WARNING: You will need to kill Laurence, The First Vicar to get the rune.(The boss is on dlc.)

      • Anonymous

        Sheeehs imagine doing all this in one life, It costed me about 4 rebirth to do all characters; have anyone notice that everyone you help dies, except for the people in cathedral ward if you don't send the afflicted beggar. Right now I am doing forbidden woods.

        • Anonymous

          so i never got a vile of blood from iosefka, i dont think ive even met or talked to her yet. Ive been through old yarnham, cathedral ward, defeated Father G, cleric beast and Djura. Can I go back and find her and start that quest or is it too late?

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            Man, this whole wiki is such a mess. Wrong info and broken links everywhere and if you click on "Patches" in the "Nightmare Frontier entered" entry it even sends you to the page for the patches that have been released for this game. Great job.

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