General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? ??? Defiled Loran Chalice ??
Physical Defense vs blunt vs thrust --
?? ?? ?? --
icon-wp_firedef.png Magic Defense icon-wp_lightningdef.png icon-wp_darkdef.png
?? ?? ?? ??
Bleed Resistance Poison Resistance Frost Resistance Curse Resistance
?? ?? ?? ??

Old Hunter Queen Killer is an Old Hunter in Bloodborne

Queen Killer Information

"Do not underestimate this hunter, for even if he may not dawn the garbs of a hunter, he is a strong ally."

  • Not killable, can die in battle.
  • Summons in Chalice Dungeons against boss battles.
  • Defiled Loran Chalice.
  • No notable changes in NG+
  • Logarius' Wheel, Canon, Golden Ardeo.



  • You can find Old Hunter Queen Killer at Defiled Loran Chalice Layer 3.
  • You can summon him to fight against Amygdala in the Defiled Loran Chalice.



  • None

Combat Information

  • Weak to ??? Damage.
  • Strong against ?? , ?? and ?? damage.
  • Weak Spot: No use of armour or any garbs, only possesses Golden Aerdo.
  • Use Old Hunter's Bell Item to summon. (-1 Insight).
  • Uses Logarius Wheel and Canon in Battle.





  • Looks much like an Executioner.
  • Posseses Logarius' Wheel and Golden Aerdo, and possibly Ludwig's Rifle.
  • Might possess Wheel Hunter Badge.
  • Can be a late form of Alfred, as he is accessible after completing Alfred's story line.
  • Does not wear any form of garnments aside from the Golden Aerdo.
  • Is also a hostile hunter in certain chalices.



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    • Anonymous

      Seeing as how the Messengers are a reference to the Stand Metallica in Jojo, I refuse to believe this character's not a Jojo reference.

      • Anonymous

        Think this is probably alfred if you get him after completing the questline, he is an executioner and his called queen killer. (Spoilers>) even though alfred is dead after his questline, we know that dead hunters can be summoned e.g. henryk.

        • Anonymous

          He can be summoned for the watchdog in defiled, right next to the door. He does so much damage to it he basically soloed it for me.

          • Anonymous

            For the love of *****, can people stop summoning this useless wank into the Amygdala fight? He doesn’t bait well, dies prematurely and leaves the rest of the bull*****to the Beckoner and I. Either wait for a third cooperator or let’s just duo her.

            • Anonymous

              So it says "Drops: None."
              But i made a new save in which i plan to collect everything, so a completionist save.
              I thought: What the heck, i'll summon him for Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen, his name's fitting after all.
              He died to her though.
              But then a shiny appeared where he died while the fight was still going, so i went to pick it up: It was a Blood Gem, a Waning Blood Gem to be more accurate.
              And i read somewhere on here that Hunter NPCs in the Chalice Dungeons can drop Blood Gems.

              Have i got proof? Zero, none, nothing at all.
              But i'm not afraid to give you my word that friendly NPCs (or at least the Queen Killer during the Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen fight in the non-Root version of the Ihyll Chalice) CAN in fact drop Blood Gems when they die.

              • Anonymous

                Fitting that this NPC can be summoned for the Yharnam Queen boss fight, especially due to the fact that Alfred also kills a queen in his questline.

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