Similar to the Souls games, victory in PVP yields two rewards. The first is Insight, the second is Blood Echoes.
  • Regardless of status as Invader or Host, the victor will receive 1 point of Insight.
  • Hosts receive significantly more Blood Echoes if they win than if the invader wins, and like the Souls games, the amount of Echoes the victor receives is a function of their opponents level. A Host that defeats an Invader wins 30% of what it would cost the invader to level up again (in the Souls games, hosts were awarded 50%.) Victorious Invaders win 10% of what it would cost the Host to level up again.

Blood Echoes being carried by the loser have NO EFFECT on the winner's spoils. They are not exchanged in any way.

A Note: There are two reasons for the host to seemingly win three times as much as the invader.
  • Firstly, there is a difference in levels: In the Souls games, invaders were almost guaranteed to be outleveled by their opponents, since the range for hostile invasions was (>.9 x Invader's level). This means that, often, invaders still stood more to gain than hosts, since the host's winnings would probably be trivial to them. A similar, though probably not identical system, seems to be in place in Bloodborne.
  • Secondly, by design, hosts are ostensibly fighting against their will, in a situation where they aren't prepared to face off against another player. This disadvantage warrants a larger reward if they pull out the win anyway.

A further note: While many players experience mainly unexpected PVP, many others devote much of their play time to duels: fighting players who are also trying to be fought. As such, the penalties for invaders cause some problems: Dueling in the Nightmare Frontier, for example, makes up a supermajority (>90%) of the PVP that occurs in that area. However, in order for two players to fight each other, one must randomly be selected to sacrifice 30% of their health only to win 1/3 of what they could have won if they had been selected as the host. While often, duelists are no longer seeking to level up (to maintain a level that makes it easier to find matches) which makes the lesser rewards trivial, the slashing of health often affects the outcome of the match in the host's favor. This can be bad for both sides: Hosts are left to wonder if they still could have won if the battlefield hadn't been tilted in their favor by random chance, and invaders inevitably end up losing matches that they may have won if the fight had been equal.

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