Tempering Blood Gemstone

A blood Gem that fortifies weapons and adds various properties. Blood gems are especially rare blood stones that grow on coldblood.

Blood gems are kneaded into weapons using workshop tools, but only when of matching shape.

Circular blood gems are normally used to fortify firearms.

Pulsing Blood Gem is a material Item in Bloodborne. They can be slotted in to Blood Gem Imprint slots in guns to add an effect to a weapon.


Bloodtinge Gemstone Information

  • HP continues to recover
  • The recovery rate is 1 tick every 3 seconds. So if you have a +x gem, you will get x hp / 3 seconds
  • A fully hp regen slotted setup will regen 4 x 5 = 20 HP every 3 seconds, taking 2.5 minutes to heal 1000 HP.





  • Circle Gems can be attached onto Firearms, which allows healing by merely carrying them.
  • Increase stamina cost and WPN durability down effects on cursed gems do not affect firearm.
  • They can also be attached onto Lost Chikage and Lost Bowblade along with other Radial / Waning / Triangle Gems which provide HP
  • Regen combined with the one attacked on Firearm.
  • Chalice glyph: n2jdw55p , tall master in first treasure door on left before left. hidden wall in same room btw ;D



  • Trivia goes here



Class rating.jpg HP continues to recover Curse Location
placeholder.pngPulsing Blood Gemstone (1) 1      
placeholder.pngPulsing Blood Gemstone (2) 5      
placeholder.pngPulsing Blood Gemstone (3) 8      
placeholder.pngPulsing Damp Blood Gem (4) 11      
Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_circle_small.pngPulsing Damp Blood Gem (5) 14     Ritual Masters
15 +4   Ritual Masters
16 +4   Ritual Masters
Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(6)_circle_small.pngPulsing Damp Blood Gem (6) 17 +4   Ritual Masters
placeholder.png Abyssal Pulsing Blood Gem 20      
Cursed_Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_circle_small.png Cursed Damp Blood Gem (5) 14 +4
  • ATK DOWN-7%
Ritual Masters
15 +5
  • Increases stamina cost 3%
  • WPN durability DOWN-58.5/-56.3
  • ATK vs beasts DOWN-10.5%
Ritual Masters
16 +5
  • Increases stamina cost 3%
  • WPN durability DOWN-58.5/-56.3
  • ATK DOWN-7.3%
  • ATK vs the kin DOWN-10.5%
Ritual Masters
Cursed_Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(6)_circle_small.png Cursed Damp Blood Gem (6) 17 +5
  • Increases stamina cost 3%
  • WPN durability DOWN-58.5/-56.3
  • ATK DOWN-7.3%
  • ATK vs the kin DOWN-10.5%/-10.1%
Ritual Masters
Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice
placeholder.png Cursed Abyssal Blood Gem 20      


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    • Anonymous

      It is possible to get a radial gem from the ritual masters so you don't neccessary need the Lost chikage (although radial ones are pretty rare). But if you are lucky enough and have the Lost Chikage, a firearm, 2 radial and 2 circle pulsing blood gems then you can have 20 regen in total!

      • Since 20's only drop from bosses, but the ritual master does not spawn as a boss, you cannot get abyssal pulsing circles. At least I assume that's how it works.

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