Original Character Showcase is a section in the Bloodborne Wiki where players may share their Original Characters or Fashion-borne characters in a safe environment. All Characters listed on this page are created by fans and players alike!


How to add your original character

  1. Create a wiki page with your " original character name - lore " and add the info/links. To create a " template.
  2. Edit this page by ADDING A ROW to the table below with a link to the page you created and an overview.
  3. You can link items to a page and make them into a mouseovers by adding a link to the items page and then adding #fex as an "anchor".


Character Name Creator Origin Weapon Preference Level Description
Example Your Name Milquetoast Hunter Axe & Hunter Pistol XXX A wanderer who happens to be in the wrong place at the worst possible time ...
Alexander Alva_The_Wayfarer Lone Survivor Holy Moonlight Sword & Evelyn 125 A tortured and disillusioned soul who searches for nothing, but redemption ...
Engiocsag Rehtaf Mhazard Military Veteran Stake Driver & Cannon 26 The founder of Powder Kegs, he was the one who created the Cannon.
Aria Loch Rosethorn SolarSentinal64 Military Veteran Holy Moonlight Sword & Loch Shield 165 Creator & leader of Blood Ministration. Traitor to the Healing Church.
  SilverDranglor Noble Scion Chikage & Rakuyo ??? The infamous silver knight from the old days of Boletaria, Dranglor seeks to restore sanity to a world without a sin in it
Golen old hunter of thots         Insec_T Professional Rakuyo & burial blade  438

 Hunter of the teenage white girls on twitter that decide who should be offended and why.  Hopefully he doesn't get canceled before the end of the night

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