Old Great One Coldblood is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.

greatoldone coldblood"Relic containing the Blood Echoes of an old Great One.
Use to gain cosmically nightmarish Blood Echoes.
Like a true revelation, this uncanny relic defies understanding"


Old Great One Coldblood Usage

  • Use to gain cosmically nightmarish Blood Echoes (50,000)


  • Cursed Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice - Layer Four- Glyph: v3krwpyp. Rites needed to access: Fetid, Rotten and Cursed. From the lamp run out the door and run right. You'll see a second witch begin summoning. Just go through her door near her and head straight up the candle elevator where you face a bell woman summoning spiders. When you step off the elevator, turn left and it's the first item you see.
  • Pthumeru Ihyll (no additional rate) - Layer Four - Glyph:  sz73v83s 



  • Player note 1



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    • Glyph: sz73v83s

      extra items:

      . layer 3 great one coldblood (key room)

      . layer 4 formless oedon (boss bonus room)

      . rare materials in treasure room (comes with high quantity)

      . a weapon

      • Anonymous

        Can some one explain what I need to do to create it, i have already created a depth 4 cursed and defiled root calis, with all 3 options, and when I search for this one, it says you don't meet the requirements

        • Anonymous

          there's also a second old great one coldblood in the same location: v3krwpyp if you go under the candle elevator you'll find a lot of items and one of them is the old great one coldblood

          • Anonymous

            So I'm assuming that these can only be found in various root chalices? In other words you have to play online in order to get them?

            • Anonymous

              I had assumed you were poking fun at the sentence structure of the item description, and was gonna say that it was correct but since you were in fact drawing parallels to Lovecraft's Old Ones I simply give a thumbs up!

              • Anonymous

                3 can be found on this glyph 5p79t33t on layer 4 if anyone wants to farm them. The post is here about it including a video https://redd.it/6b0lw0

                • Anonymous

                  Seems tgis can only be found layer 4, I just found 2 of these and a shade of yharnam enemy on a layer 4 dungeon, makes you wonder what other rare stuff you can find only on layer 4s.

                  • Anonymous

                    g4th7i4p - 2 can be obtained on the 4th layer in the lever section here. Curse ritual is not required.

                    There is also a post here that says it requires no extra ritual stuff for 1 but I hadn't tried it yet. https://www.reddit.com/r/bloodborne/comments/31gard/greatest_chalice_dungeon_ever_lost_blade_of_mercy/

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