Brain of Mensis

brain of mensis
Enemy Type Not Beast nor Kin
Health 9837
Drops Living String, 2181 Blood Echoes
Weak ??
Strong ??
Location Nightmare of Mensis

Brain of Mensis is an enemy in Bloodborne.

The Brain of Mensis , also known as "Mother Brain", is an enemy resembling a giant brain with various eyes and some beastly limbs. It is essentially a large version of Winter Lanterns, though without a body .

It is first encountered from a distant tower at the beginning of Nightmare of Mensis, and will glow orange when the player is in line of sight, causing massive frenzy damage. This attack can hurt the player even from a very long distance, unless the environment is used to avoid its malignant gaze.

The Brain of Mensis can be slain after defeating Micolash, Host of the Nightmare. The player can defeat it by using a lever in a side area, dropping the brain into a pit where it will be unable to attack the player further.


  • Have 10 Sedatives equipped. Awaken at the Mensis: Middle Loft lantern, and get into the bird cage elevator. During descent, there is a window you can jump into from the elevator.
  • Run across the bridge with the 3 Winter Lanterns, using the terrain and Sedatives to avoid Frenzy.
  • In the building, run past the Nightmare Apostles, descend the stairs, and pull the lever on the balcony, triggering a cut-scene that drops the Brain of Mensis into a pit.
  • After the cut-scene, turn around and drop down into a hole on your right.
  • In the room, there are two spiders and a chest holding the Choir Bell item which is guarded by a Winter Lantern.
  • Run outside, jump down into the collapsed tower (avoiding the bottomless pit) and there is a body holding the Blood Rock.
  • Follow the path out onto the bridge and enter the building with Mergo's Attendants.
  • Go to the bottom floor with the holes in the ground, and ride the bird cage elevator located on the right side.
  • You will enter a pitch-dark room where the Brain of Mensis is now helpless and easy to kill.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Before attacking the brain, use the "Make Contact" gesture in front of it until your character's arms rotate, and you will receive the Tier 3 Moon Caryll Rune.


Attack Name Attack Description
Gaze If the player is within its line of sight, he/she will take continuous damage from this far-reaching attack.

NeoMerdien - video guide:

The Brain of Mensis Information

This enemy is unique as an important part of the story, and it is only found in one area in the game. There are no variants nor is it encountered in Chalice Dungeons.



blood echoes
living string moon
Nightmare of Mensis 9387 2181 (1x) 100% (1x) 100%

Notes & Trivia

  • The Living String description states the Brain of Mensis is a Great One and was found in the Nightmare by Mensis.
  • The location where the Brain of Mensis is dropped after you pull a lever in Nightmare of Mensis is completely pitch black on all of its surfaces, resembling the Abyss of Dark Souls.
  • It will not disappear from the game after you kill it, it will still drop blood echoes but no Living Strings.
  • You can also do the "Make Contact" gesture after killing it (it doesn't have to be physically present) and still get the rune.
  • There seems to be a bug where killing it with a cooperator can cause you to not receive the Living String.

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